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Online Cooking Workshop designed to teach you the basics of healthy cooking, and chic etiquette in the kitchen.

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They Get Elegant in the Kitchen

Tired of eating bland foods, soup and simple salads for lunch or dinner after a long hectic day at work?

You don’t have to be Julia Childs, Charlie Trotter or Wolfgang Puck to learn simple techniques to preparing great, healthy food. I’m not!

I’ve discovered food with great flavor that’s unique and healthy, you don’t need a ton of time to master the art of ‘Chic and Elegant’ clean eating at home cooking.

But to be fair, this workshop is not for everyone. So, if you are vegan, vegetarian, or a picky eater, I’m sorry another cooking workshop will fit you. In contrast, you are open-minded and adventuresome to delicious new cuisines, that are also heart healthy! Welcome darling.

One thing for certain is you enjoy delicious food that has lots of flavor, amazing aroma and eye catching appeal.

The problem is you often find yourself dining out, juggling work/clients, family or life. Leaving you no clue or too tired to pull it together in a organized, easy, efficient and healthy way in your kitchen.

Now here you are midweek! Wanting to enjoy flavorful food and perhaps a smooth glass of wine in the comforts of your home.

So, what do you do?

Since you were never taught how to cook delicious healthy food or how to cook food full of gourmet flavor. Your tempted to eat fast food.

Cooking is definitely not your forté!

Growing your career and business is your strength. So, you order take out or dine out.

Lack of TIME may be your complaint to eating better. But is this just an excuse? Let’s get elegant in the kitchen!

Transform Your Taste buds 

Make it Sizzle Week 1 : With time saving techniques mis-en-place + the best tools to use.

Finesse Week 2: Learn better organization to navigate confidently your kitchen + market

Explosion of Flavor Week 3: Introducing colorful, vibrant vegetables, fresh herbs. Cook as green as possible with whole grains and mouth watering spices.

Cook to Impress Week 4: Let your taste-buds feel good again; stuff your breast, sear, saute, braise then sauce it.

Live Satisfied Week 5: Never walk away feeling full, listen for the language of your body.

French Inspired Week 6: Eat in a chic way that will keep you fitting in your clothes.

I want to feel fabulous

Permission to Play with your Food Granted

This Chic Women Don’t Diet clean eating course includes:

  • Weekly we’ll have a 2…45 minute live cooking transform your taste-buds workshop together.

  • Demonstration of 12 guided curriculum with supportive material (recipes, course notes and other resources).

  • Personal guidance Q & A from Milan you can’t get from a cooking show since this will be shot live to your home.

  • Between cooking sessions coaching, goal setting and accountability from our private Facebook group 

As a Result of Your Chic Dining Experience

Sample entree:

> Margarita Shrimp with Chipotle Guacamole
> Endive- Arugula Salad with Shaved Fennel and Goat Cheese
> Warm Farro, Roasted Pepper, Olives and Basil Salad
> Sea Bass en Papillote with Charred Red Peppers and Leeks

Cooking at home will become something  you absolutely enjoy, not time wasted. This will help you to connect with how you want to feel.  Reconnect to the wisdom in your body. Embrace and enhance your taste, your senses, visual food appeal, wherever you dine. Never worry about what to eat again.

Summer Special $397.00 (Retail $997) OR pay here for 2 x $ 225.00

If you have gotten this far and can’t decide then BOOK A CALL AND LET’S HAVE A CHAT CLICK HERE 

 Class Starts July 21, 2019

Maintain a Healthy Love Affair With Food 

Hi I’m Milan and WELCOME to an exciting the ‘Chic Woman Don’t Diet’ cooking workshop!


My passion for cooking started the year I was married in 1992. However; my formal training began after earning my certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Herbalist. Developing my own creative flair for preparing flavorful and chic plated food entrees was born from my culinary education studies and training in Food Styling, Latin cuisine, French cuisine, American cuisine and healthy Mediterranean cuisines from the International Culinary School at the Art Institutes Chicago. But my love of  holistic wellness continued to call out to me.

After a brief time spent working as a personal chef to high-level clientele and the American Cancer Society in Chicago; infusing the ‘wellbeing’ component into my own enterprise seemed a natural fit. Blending these two worlds was the perfect marriage of “committing to the art of living and dining well and vibrant.”

My love can become your new love, to create spa quality delicious and healthy dishes, inspired of the Mediterranean and South of France in your own home! This is Chic food that speaks to you!

You’ll develop the art of using natural ingredients and learning the benefit of healthy herbs and spices  that are fresh, gourmet and deliciously un-processed.

Change the way you eat, change the way you live. Let’s get elegant and have some fun!

ONCE YOU HAVE PAID, you will be added in or sent the link to join my private paid facebook group “Let’s Get Elegant”. This is where the fun will began. Can’t wait to meet you!

We start cooking elegant July 21, 2019

I want to feel fabulous