Calcium intake has been such a debate over the years and what has been recommendation as the best and only source is to drink dairy milk. This is milk from an animal that has been processed for human consumption. So my question to you is does milk really do a body good for the best intake of calcium? This was a never ending marketing strategy that I heard over again encouraging young and old alike to drink more milk for stronger bones to ward off calcium deficiency. For years I drank milk and never gave it a second thought. My grandmother loved to drink milk with every meal.

As my holistic journey took me on it’s never ending quest for knowledge I finally stop drinking milk.

4 reasons to consider giving up dairy milk:

  • reduced inflammation

  • minimize allergies

  • clear mucus congestion

  • experience weight loss

BGH (bovine growth hormone)when used in cows, this causes inflammation in the udder of the cow which requires an antibiotic to remove that problem.

By the time that we are 3 years old our bodies no longer have the enzyme necessary to digest diary products especially milk. There are a few exceptions such as cream, yogurt, and cream derivatives because of the way they are processed.


What I never reflected before my studies is that half the population  of the world does not drink or use cow’s milk. Then for others their body just simply can’t tolerate it.

‘A 12- year Harvard study of 78,000 women who were consuming calcium from dairy products actually broke more bones than those that didn’t drink it” ~ Bone Fractures in Women: a 12 year prospective study. Interesting isn’t it?

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