Healthy Healing Herbs

Dandelion, is a wonderful herbal remedy that is a staple in my house. It is excellent if someone in your family has any liver related disorders. But for this article we are highlighting how this is a wonderful herb for the female reproductive system. The major benefit is that it is consumed as an herbal tonic which can help to regulate and normalize hormonal production. I have used it frequently in my detoxes to flush the kidneys. This is a bitter so I recommend mixing it with Nettle or Lemon Balm (calming herb) which has a milder flavor.

One o10155367_616988205045703_1150910336213322179_nf it’s huge success with water retention is that you don’t lose potassium even though it is a diuretic. Most diuretics you are losing this vital nutrient. It can reduce breast tenderness, bloating and mood changes during your menstrual. Some of the most astounding benefits is that it is a rich source of vitamins A, C, iron, calcium and potassium.

Dong Quai, is an herbal that most women are familiar with, which can be used in almost every gynecological imbalance there is because it has a strong strengthening and building system. It calms and relaxes as well as cleansing action on the liver. If you want to purchase herbs yourself verse going to see an herbalist, remember that the longer herbs sit on the shelf the potency of it diminishes. Most Chinese herb stores will sell the best quality if you are unsure.

Nettle, is also a favorite of mine because it reduces inflammation in the body, is a great female tonic. It also has a mild flavor unlike dandelion which is a bitter herb. I drink this most evenings before going to bed, it has recently been used in the relief of hay fever and other allergies that can throw the body out of balance.10171894_617007405043783_2042192978752199900_n

You don’t have to miss out on family fun because of changes your body is experiencing. Herbs are not pharmaceuticals which means that they behave differently in the body. They aim to balance the body and normal it instead of changing the way it works. If you have never tried these herbal remedies, now would be an excellent time to pick them up. I always give anything a 90 day rule to work. The way that I use them when I am just making an infusion is to boil hot water and cover my herb. You can use 1 TBS of each dried herb and cover it with your water in a mason jar overnight.

The next morning strain your herb no sweeteners needed. Once it is strained, I take my bottle to go with me and sip along the way. This counts towards your water intake for the day. Pure nutrients and vitamin infused water.

I look forward to hearing your experiences in trying these delicious herbs.


…Stay Beautiful and Healthy,