A healthy and balanced lifestyle may be within your reach. If I were to ask you is your diet healthy and balanced, what would you say? Would you say, “yes I do eat a balanced and healthy diet and all from the basic food group pyramid”! Is this correct?

I want you to think of a healthy balanced diet in the form of acidity and alkalinity. Foods that are considered as healthy are designed to have a proper ratio in your body. If you are going to eat healthy foods, your body has to properly assimilate it, in order to reap the benefits.

If your food is to acidic or to alkaline, then it may not be properly assimilated. Perhaps you are one of those that raves over antacid tablets. Which I can see why, they are alkaline but the problem is they neutralize acidic conditions in the stomach bringing only temporary relief. The stomach needs healthy supply of acid to digest food.

Several thing that may throw your body off balance

  • Poor assimilation

  • Not eliminating

  • Lack of Hydrochloric acid

  • Smoking or Drinking

  • Legalized drug usage

  • Illness & Infection

Symptoms of an unbalanced & unhealthy Body

  1. Headaches

  2. Fatigue

  3. Allergies

  4. Boils

The leading causes of a body that is not healthy is: a sedentary lifestyle, illness, or a combination of all of these things.

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