After a truly magical weekend with friends visiting from Paris one of my all time favorite places. Something about french people and the french language, it just transports me there. Smelling the lavender fields, the best baguettes in the world and the gastronomy is to die for. As I walk past a nail shop in the Lakeview neightboorhood the word Zazazoo stared me in the face. Reality brought me back to Chicago from my dream and ready to put the focus back on you.

While you may have guessed already from my profile, I love to cook healthy foods. But my heart is empowering women like you who work hard to transform how you feel. Connecting with women that work hard around the world is crazy exciting!!

MIlan Balsamic Reduction with BrusselsAs spa professionals your work days are filled with training staff, business meetings, facility inspections, sales meetings, planning and correspondence. This makes it tough to put yourself first, right?

But it’s okay most of the time, perhaps all the time because you love your work. However, the time you spend juggling life and work is costing you in other ways.

Dreamy as it is to be able to work from home as a consultant, there can be challenges. How do you stay on task, self motivated and focused to be healthy when your day is filled with clients. Don’t forget to walk the dog or your hubby wants to talk, kids want to play and you notice you have no idea what’s for dinner?

How do you turn it off at the end of the day when you’re still in business mode until 10 PM, your mind is bursting with ideas but it’s really time to unwind and spend the evening with your beloved or get some needed sleep?

This cycle won’t ever end, which is why I want to introduce
“40 Days to Empowerment and Transformation” 

Your personal identity seems to be tied into the field that we have chosen — beauty. It affects how we perceive ourselves. We’ll be talking about all this and more in 40 days to Empowerment & Transformation . Do you have that “je ne sais quoi” you once had or ZAZAZOO from the Inside Out!

40 Days to Empowerment and Transformation

Be an Empowered Businesswoman 
Transformed in Mind + Body

Sneak Peak: I’m going to be talking (and taking YOUR questions) about:

  • I work long hard hours how can I eat late and not gain additional or unwanted weight?

  • How to fall in love with vegetables and manage the people in your life.

  • Ways to plan, prep, cook a healthy menu for 1 week without starving yourself or staying in the kitchen to long.

  • My favorite rituals to help you wind down and transition to non-biz time.

P.S… So excited — my40 Days to Empowerment and Transformation” kicks off on AUGUST 1! I only have a few 1 5 open slots for select women. My attention and focus goes to you 110%! (Most sessions are virtual)