Get back to making time for you, I insist! Well, I’m back in Chicago after a glorious weekend that was absolutely amazing and transformative for me. A 3-day weekend seminar for some spiritually healthy rejuvenation! It was wonderful! It’s definitely good and healthy for the mind-body-spirit to “get out of the City” sometimes. I purposely stopped “working” while on this spiritual retreat. Knowing how frustrating it can be to feel “off balanced” and needing to get centered and focused.

Atlanta, GA as an energizing, rejuvenating climate for distressing. Allowing your mental and physical outlook to feel closer to nature. Everything’s BIGGER even the honeybees and the butterflies are giant size! There’s less pollution, natural filtration from the beautiful greenery. I believe that everyone has a fig, peach, or pecan tree growing in the yard. The true “Southern hospitality” you get while visiting was felt the moment we first hit the ground to flying home! 

..I always find a little touch of FRENCH Style wherever I travel…even in Southern Atlanta! [une petite touche de mode Français dans les Etats-Unis du sud]

How much time is devoted to YOU? 

During this 3 day spiritual retreat, I decided not to allow any distractions and no social media of any-kind. The focus was on ME. Transforming to be a better version of me spiritually and mentally. As we get older life happens. Your life becomes– career, children, husband, and THEN you, right? Even as the years pass by so does personal time to rejuvenate you. But there will come a time when your mind, body, and spirit will FORCE YOU to take ownership of your own well-being. When that happens–it won’t feel so good, and may even cause an extraordinarily expensive health burden to alleviate!

What is it going to take for to finally say YES to what you’ve been yearning for but putting off?

Juggling as many roles as you do, is absolutely astounding, and you are probably hoping that it will somehow always fall into place but it doesn’t. 

Transform Your Time For Yourself

Get solid tips and strategies to feel good after 40.

The problem is… it’s hard to tell your clients, customers, or business team to prioritize what’s important, when you know deep inside that you aren’t “walking the walk”. Perhaps you want to make changes or modify a healthy work/life balance; but can find a way to do it by yourself while juggling so many roles

You have goals; you want to lose weight, your desire is to eat better and healthier but still enjoy friends, dining in great restaurants, or delicious and energizing food ‘on-the-go’…but I don’t have the time? And the response is BUT this or that. Did you notice where your mindset goes whenever the answer is BUT this or that? The “buts” will eventually become excuses!

Years ago, I was my own worst excuse. I couldn’t seem move ahead with business goals; I still had the same painful migraines that seemed as if I would be medicated the rest of my life! I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know how to stop moving in that lost mindset, and it was frustrating. My husband shared a quote with me from Albert Einstein who said, “The definition of Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

So why then would you keep getting in your own way?

What if you could  ‘get out of your own way’ and started taking empowering action in your life every day… KNOWING that you are MEANT to look and feel better than you do now, and are fully supported in those endeavors? 

…even your car gets to spend a delightfully fun day at ‘JIFFY LUBE’, and then gets to go through the car wash and PLAY WITH ALL THE BUBBLES. What about YOU?

If you have been sitting on the fence about working me with me; don’t delay!  Now is the perfect time to make a decision, we can meet virtually or in person. We will dive deep-I PROMISE!