How would you like to have the freedom to walk into any clothing store or boutique and be able to wear what’s on the rack?

Imagine for a moment being able to dine out as you like without feeling guilty of overdoing it?

Visualize experiencing your body getting better and better every single day, aging gracefully.

What would that feel like for you?

Hi, I’m Milan, Healthy Lifestyle Expert who is also a chef and I am glad you’re here. One of the biggest problems that I hear my clients complain about with a busy schedule having the freedom to eat what they want when they want without gaining weight or feeling guilty afterward.

Women who are tired of struggling to try to fit into clothes they love but have to go to larger sizes. How frustrating.

If this sounds like you then I guarantee you will enjoy this video. So sit back, relax and grab a glass of your favorite red wine as you discover the best healthy living strategies for the busy professional woman 50+ on the go.

My client Vanessa came to see me because…

She began to experience hip and knee pain at age 49. Most of the women in her family have either had or currently need hip and/or knee replacement. I love how she refused to allow this to be her eventuality down the line. Plus she was not ready to limit her daily routine due to the pain. She knew that losing just 10 pounds would feel like a 40-pound weight loss to your joints. Having tried weight loss programs that weren’t successful for her. Working with me Vanessa had its challenges because she worked in a hospital on 3rd shift.

  • Lost 17 pounds

  • Went from size 12-14, down to size 10

  • Then finally a comfortable size 8

  • Hip/knee pain has reduced

  • She started working out again

  • Eliminated her gastroesophageal issues

My 2nd client Lisa from the UK sought me out because…

She was ready to feel better about her body and lose weight to feel better about her body.  What we discovered was her immediate need was to get control over how she viewed food since she was an emotional social eater. Within 7 weeks my “Chic Women Don’t Diet’ method allowed her to a sense of freedom and calmness around food. Her anxiety around food, her weight, and body were reduced.  ~~

The 3rd client I want to mention is Carleen…

She was 20 lbs overweight, was experiencing challenges around work-life balance and really wanted to lose weight since her clientele are high level.  We were able to get her to a point where she felt less bloated and not have stomach issues which were the catalyst to her losing weight. If you are at point in your life where you are ready to

Does any of these women sound similar to what you have experienced? If you are ready to look as chic and feel fabulous in your clothes again as you did some time ago let’s chat.

 Freedom to experience dining out without gaining weight