Food taste and your wellness changes tremendously as you age. What fuels you in your 20′s may cause allergic reactions in your 30′s or digestive issues in your 40′s. By the time you are 50, you are introduced to a host of other metabolic issues. Many of my clients are confused on what exactly constitutes a healthy lifestyle. With a wealth of magazines and books on food, you can find yourself being bombarded with contradictory information. After being submerged in research, you began to second guess what really works for your unique body.

With a busy life eating healthy and making time for yourself maybe at the top of your list but by the days end, it never happens.

So now what?

How can you meet with your client, settle disputes, sales team network and fit yourself in your schedule. It is not easy but can be done with forethought and support. Here are 5 wellness trends to get you started on your personal road to well-being.

In wellness there is no one size fits all since everyone is bio-chemically different. Meaning that our needs are different because our lifestyles are different, our stress levels are different but overall some things will always be universal.

Top 5 Wellness Trends to Guide your Food Choices

#1. Choose Colors of the Rainbow

Red, purple, orange and the blue of blueberries– these wonderful colors are from what everyone knows as phytochemicals which comes from the sun and the sun gives us this energy. Step back away from your list and just think about color as you do your shopping in the market. Allow those beautiful colors to incite you then add them to your menu for the week.

#2. Limit your white intake

Simple white carbohydrates such as white flour, pasta, rice and potatoes behave like sugar on your blood-sugar levels. Sending those levels very high and them dropping them to an extreme low. If you constantly eat this way without any thought, you can put yourself at risk for developing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes which is associated with heart disease and other degenerative diseases.

Look for 100% whole grain ingredients instead. Not to mention your colon will thank you for this later. White foods are not only known to be constipating but they stick to the intestinal walls like glue.

Crackers made with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, salt and artificial flavors? Put them back. Carbonated soft drinks with high fructose corn syrup in it? Never! Instead choose herbal teas, mineral water, or infuse fruit in your filtered water.

Quick Tips 101: Never skip breakfast and don’t let yourself get overly hungry. Eat healthy snacks mid-morning and after lunch to keep from blindly eating. Snack on foods such as Hummus with whole grain crackers (minimal ingredients) or vegetables, 1 handful of almonds, apples, bananas — these are all snacks that will help to keep your blood sugar balanced and give you energy throughout your busy workday.

#3. Can you pronounce it?

So often we blindly buy from the vending machine without every given any thought to what is in it. Always look at the first 3 ingredients which is a dead give away to what is mostly within the packaging. These ingredients are always based upon quantity so the first ingredient is the most prominent  and then so on. If sugar is what you want to cut out of your diet read the ingredients. Does it have some form of sugar sweetener (sugar, sucrose, fructose, high-fructose corn syrup,  any other ingredient ending with -ose, manitol or another – ol of some sort). Don’t buy anything you can’t pronounce.

#4. Whole Foods

It is better to buy a whole tomato than a can of tomato juice or no salt can. A baked or roasted potato with the skin is a better option than potato chips. Anything with the word “whole” is of course an excellent choice. I love Steel Cut oatmeal in the morning with blueberries, cranberries, and flax seeds. Avoid instant quick cook rolled oats since it is processed. Clients that suffer from skin rashes; once we take a look at their lifestyle– processed foods tend to be one of the underlying culprits. Once the cause is discovered and eliminated you get rid of the problem.

Your body and brain works best when they are fueled regularly with a balance of foods; carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. 

#5. Eat more plants food

Raw Food is not for everyone but adopt some of the rules. If you can’t change your wellness habits then try 40-60% plant based food diet instead. These foods are loaded with fiber, plants and important nutrients for our body. Instead of making animal products your main meal try focusing on whole grains or vegetables as the main course and then your side dish will pay a minor role. After integrating these simple rules you will be on your way to reaching your wellness goals in no time.

Don’t eat any food that your great-grandmother didn’t eat – The best food are those that comes from nature and our body knows how to make use of the nutritional value within that food. Rather it’s fiber for the intestines, carbs for better concentration or natural sugar for energy. Your body will always show its gratitude.

In past generations most families ate a whole food diet rich in whole grains, fruit, vegetables, legumes– they definitely didn’t eat anything that came in a bog, box or a tin can. For simple reasons, it didn’t exist. So, does all of this mean you aren’t allowed any indulgences? Not at all, if you eat 80% healthy then 20% of the time you are allow your cheat days.

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