I hope you are having a beautiful day today. Just wanted to share something exciting with you.

A new discovery that came to my inbox

Once I decided on the amount of weight I desired to lose which was 5lbs minimum and 10lb maximum.

Keeping myself committed was next on my list.

Initially, I was using a fitness tracker on my phone. The problem with using my phone was that I would have unaccounted for steps or walk miles.

One morning upon starting my work day, I received some information in my email about the fitness tracker.

This was so exciting and of course, I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Then I began to wonder if French women wear the fitness tracker to keep account of their fitness level out and about the city of Paris.

I have never met or heard of any obese French person then again I have met overweight French people.

With all of the schooling and working in different countries, there is a possibility that obese French people are someone out there.

As a result of the media, books and journals, we have been brainwashed into believing that countries like France just don’t get fat.

To some degree, that’s correct. The French are not prone to obesity like many Westernize countries.

This doesn’t mean that they are not overweight.

Do French Women Get Fat? Fact or Fiction?

Recently, I asked my friend from Reims France about this and she said, “French women in general watch what they eat especially before swimsuit season. But as they get older like all women it’s necessary to pay attention”.

Studies show over one billion adults are overweight and about three hundred million of these people can be classified as obese.

There is a difference!

To differentiate between the two, a general definition for being overweight is when a person weighs more than what is considered to be healthy for his age and height while obesity is when body weight is the result of an accumulation of fat.

To many baguettes, over indulgences of pain au chocolat or buttery croissants and you cross the border to being overweight.

Something else has to work in your favor

I’m not in France, I live in a country that preserves everything and adds extra chemicals to our food which is the norm.

You try to get away from it as much as you can, with some measure of success. The manufacturers tend to hide these little nasties in our food under cleverly written names that are not only hard to pronounce but you need a dictionary for their meaning.

Unlike the French lifestyle where you can eat the most decadent desserts, buttery sauces, dense baguettes, rich cheeses and the wine to wash it all down after dinner.

How Do Chic Classy Women That Are Not French Maintain Their Weight?

Buying a fitness tracker for women

I often say, ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’. The caveat is that we live a lifestyle that permits us to stay on a healthy course.

Like the French, we eat and drink plus have our indulgence but in moderation.

Which is not an easy feat for my over 50 female clients.

This lifestyle means you have to know your body and how it responds to certain foods.

You must be in tune with the cycle that your body goes through, the language it speaks which helps you get the weight off and know how to maintain the size you are.

What I have found in the city of Paris is the women stay active by walking.

If you live in a city like New York or Chicago this is easy to do and probably the best thing to do with the rising cost of gas. Even in suburban areas, you can still walk, rather there is a sidewalk or not.

It’s no doubt that one of the best ways to maintain a healthy body and mind is exercise.

However, it can be very hard to stay on track with your fitness goals with all of the craziness life throws at you. Right?

What I have found is that one of the most popular trends in fitness these days is the fitness tracker: wearable technology that can track workouts, distance covered, and even how many calories you burn.

The fitness tracker can be a great way to get on track with maintaining your exercise with ease.

As with any gadget, there are seemingly endless options out there.

This is why Reviews.com created a guide to finding the right fitness tracker for needs. I’m sharing this with you to help you if you are in the market for one.

Key factors to consider when adding a fitness tracker to your lifestyle:

1. Function: fitness trackers can come with a variety of capabilities.

Most important are tracking for distance, heart rate, and GPS/satellite.

Basic fitness trackers will only calculate distance, intermediate trackers will calculate distance AND your heart rate, while advanced models will do both of these and will track your position via GPS as well.

The fewer features you have, of course, the less expensive the tracker will be.

Choose which features you’re sure to need, and avoid those you’re not sure about if you’re working on a budget.

2. Wireless syncing: this is an essential if you’re planning to pair your fitness tracker with a companion app, but keep in mind that not all trackers come with this feature.

3. Activity notifications: to seamlessly maintain your fitness goals in your everyday life, activity notifications can be a lifesaver. This feature allows the device to remind you when it’s time to move and when you’ve hit your goals for the day.


4. Warranty: this is absolutely essential for several reasons. Of course you want to ensure that damage to your device is covered, but more importantly, a warranty shows that the manufacturer stands behind their device.

5. Water resistance: a water-resistant device will stand up to moisture from sweat and other areas of your environment. Unless you’re sure that you’ll never get any liquid on your device, it’s a good idea to look for something that is relatively water resistant.

Taking these factors into account will help you get a good idea of what kind of tracker you need to be looking for to fit your lifestyle.

To read the full article and see which fitness trackers the Reviews.com team determined to be the best, check it out here: https://www.reviews.com/fitness-tracker/

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