When I had to study anatomy for a ‘holistic health & nutrition’ program; I learned that we have approximately 27 billion fat cells in our body. This is not the information any woman that adheres to a sophisticated way of living want to hear.

The amazing thing is that at a normal and healthy adult weight; they are only about the size of a dot on top of the letter ‘i’. But when not healthy—they swell to massive proportions and become inflamed.

That amount can increase from 75-300 billion fat cells! Which means that fat cells are always being replaced in our bodies. So the “good news’ is…YOU CAN NEVER LOSE FAT CELLS—BUT YOU CAN REDUCE THE SIZE OF THEM!

There are a lot of factors in play, but inflammation in the body is a main cause of weight gain. The answer lies within your control, through your nutrition. Physical activity is important, but nutrition is the key component to effective weight management.

Your diet is really 75-80% of your success – not exercise. A lot of women think that it’s the other way around, which is why you often them spending hours at a gym without much success.

WHY IS THAT? Because you can’t exercise your way out of a bad nutrition!

Research, hard work, coaching and motivation does pay off with pounds lost! Doctor Lori Shemek, PhD and health expert at ABC-TV and CNN wrote one of the best books about this, entitled ‘Fire Up Your Fat Burn’ and she said this: “Diet, exercise and supplement support are the only modalities that can help ease the inflammation within the fat cell.

They work synergistically for optimal success. Examples of supplements include vitamin D3, calcium, magnesium, chromium, green tea extracts, and glucomannan fiber.

There are specific foods in your health food market that contain phytochemicals which saturate the fat cell. Easing the inflammation within the cell – much like taking a washcloth and holding it under the faucet saturating the cloth with water. The following help the fat cells release stored fat which can be burned and reduced.

Your Specific Nutrients Are:

  • berries

  • spinach

  • nuts

  • spices such as turmeric

  • cold water fish

Belly fat is especially troublesome and dangerous. However, again, food’s vital nutrients are critical to target belly fat as well.”

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