‘FAT APOCALYPSE’, what is that about? CHECK OUT THIS SCARY QUOTE! According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

… more than 17% of American children are obese; which is more than triple the rate 20 years ago. These numbers are even higher for adults, who are more than one-third obese”. There was a video on the CDC’swebsite, where one of their doctors— (epidemiologist Dr. Letivia Moore) had this to say: “One factor contributing to this epidemic, is the way that we eat has changed over the last 50 years.  Americans eat a lot more processed foods, and we eat out a lot more frequently.

Wait—‘fat epidemic’?

When I first read that—I thought it was kind of interesting and yet really bizarre that the Centers for Disease Control (an institution that normally deals with dangerous toxins, deadly viruses and apocalyptic outbreaks) would actually list obesity as an epidemic. Wow!

But now when I look at Dr. Moore’s comments; I realized that she could be totally right! We are ALWAYS surrounded and bombarded by food that is fat but not always healthy good food. We consume larger portion sizes with bigger options than before, and adding more and more calories than ever before.  But does that actually mean that ‘more is marvelous’ or that ‘bigger is better’?  Over these past several decades, the obesity rates seem to have skyrocketed in the U.S. (and other Western countries), which is giving Americans “the gift that keeps on giving”… an increase in diabetes, more fat intake, heart disease, cancer, and every other illness we neither want or need.

We may not be fighting “the Walking Dead”—but we’re getting killed just as quick!

And yet “the French eat a LOT of saturated fat”, says the UC Berkley Wellness Letter…”Yet they are more leaner than Americans and far less likely to be obese. Their mortality rate from heart disease is half that of Americans and lower than any other country in the [European Union].”

This is some crazy paradox!

The answer seems to be that the French consume fewer unhealthy fat overall in terms of calories—all while eating richly prepared foods and desserts. That same Wellness Letter conducted a ‘research study’ to compare restaurant and cookbook servings from Paris, France with Philadelphia, Pennsylvania U.S.A., and guess what?

“French portions and servings of meat were considerably smaller in both.” Check out the difference

  • The French take a lot longer to eat their smaller portions

  • The French spend on average 100 minutes a day just for eating

  • Most Americans ‘woof down’ their daily sustenance

  • On average Americans take 60 minutes a day for eating

So hey — it’s time to get with the new-age program! In case you haven’t heard; now it’s about longer life and longevity. The days of “dude—super-size me” are pretty much ‘played out’ (a social slang expression meaning: to no longer hold any relevance or significance). The foods offered in a lot of our favorite restaurants, snack shops, and vending machines are higher in sugar, and calories. They contain the worst type of cancer causing fats, preservatives  and chemical ingredients than what we would typically ever use if we prepared food for ourselves at home.

The conclusion in 3 tips?

  1. Learn to decipher and properly read food labels

  2. Eat sensible amounts of nourishing food

  3. Take time to enjoy the food!

If you are served large portions (which will happen more often than not in the United States), share with a companion or take half of it home.


No one is saying that you have to become a gourmet chef or vegetarian—but maybe it’s time you became a “Nutri-tarian”!

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