Today I’m sharing with you twelve daily habits and rituals of elegant American women.

What are the different perceptions of a Chic French woman and an Elegant American woman?

Neither one plays by the traditional rules of society and conformity.

However, each stylish pattern of behavior works for their unique culture and heritage.

Contrary to perceived notions, you don’t have to live in France to know how to be elegant. Elegant women exist all around the world and in America.

‘Non-French’ women past and present;

Such as Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Jane Fonda, Angela Basset, Charlize Theron, Cate Blanchett, Audrey Hepburn, Dorothy Dandrige, Grace Kelly, Lucille Ball, Coco Chanel,  Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Lauren Bacall, Charlene Princess of Monaco, Princess Ester Kamatari, Michelle Obama, Iman, Sade Adu, Solange, Angela Basset, Lisa Bonet, Thandie Newton, Viola Davis, Lupita Nyong’o, Teyonah Parris, Dakore Akande, Meghan Markle, Tamron Hall, Candace Jordan, Anita Baker, Nancy Wilson, Principle Ballerina Misty Copeland, Spa Owner Heidi Lamar, my Mom, and many, many others who demonstrate and exude a timeless elegance!

An elegant American woman knows that how she greets the morning has a huge impact on how she will be perceived for the rest of her day.

They are not afraid to wear the colors that make them look and feel good; monochrome is not the norm. They move freely, boldly and confidently within the society they live.

Beginning your day with a few mindful moments helps you get up on the right side of the bed. ~ Shelly F. Harris

So many women blame how they feel, on external factors which tend to throw them off balance. When you commit to the art of living, you dictate how you want to feel on any given day.

When I made a choice to commit myself to this art as elegant women do; I no longer allowed my body and environment to dictate how I felt about myself.

Ensuring that how I felt was just as important as how I looked and presented myself in life. Having this understanding helped to improve my emotional wellbeing.

The meaning of chic and elegant:

~ chic – elegantly and stylishly fashionable, sophisticated, dressy, smart.

~ elegant – pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

Habits are the foundation of a regular tendency or practice

If you could have daily habits that simply light you up every morning, what would it look like?

In order to age gracefully, your daily habits must follow a certain ritual that is the foundation to the way you move in the world around you.

Stylish and elegant women throughout history have all had daily habits which help them look pulled together.

They certainly don’t wake up this way.

1- They start their day with intent –  This means that they wake up with a goal and a plan.

2- They are organized, conscious, purposeful, intent, mindful in whatever circumstances.

3- They know how to dress for any occasions, being confident that her clothes compliment her beauty.

4- They get their day started with mindful meditation to stay calm in all circumstances.

5- They know the importance of starting their daily rituals with a healthy energy packed breakfast.

6- They realize that movement, not a gym membership is an important part of aging well and gracefully.

7- They connect with people that nourish, uplift, relaxes them, and encourage them versus those who deplete them.

8- They know that relaxation is a daily habit to rejuvenate themselves when a spa is not always the answer.

9- They know that hydration before caffeine is a much better choice for their hormones since her body uses water overnight.

10- They check their schedule plan so they can be fully present at any moment with whomever.

11- They feel confident hence being a chic woman she doesn’t diet but enjoy life and different cuisines.

12 – They know that what makes them different is what makes them beautiful so they can empower other women!

Above all enjoying good flavorful food with taste and texture is a joy to life pleasures.

It’s what the French call the “joie de vivre”Let me show you how to create daily habits so that you can commit to the art of living holistic and vibrant. As a Culinary Nutrition and Wellness Coach, I understand food science from a dining, wine, health and travel perspective.

As a Healthy Living & Culinary Nutrition Coach, I am trained to look at someone’s wellness issues—stress issues—or weight gain issues “wholly” and organically.

Which entails both the need and benefit of viewing it from 3 separate and unique perspectives:

(1) your Genetic Health

(2) your Lifestyle Habits

(3) your Environmental Health.

By using this methodology; I’m able to see the full picture of where you are and how you want to feel.

I am almost age 50+ so my body is also a manifestation of years gone by; not of a young millennial or my former 20 or 30-year-old self. That means I have to constantly “practice what I preach”!

As a former professional Print Model and Image Stylist, I left a world where external beauty was the primary focus.

My goal now is to impart the knowledge of how to manifest the inner beauty of vibrant well-being and incorporating beneficial lifestyle changes.

Constant dieting is not part of a ‘chic woman’s ‘A la Mode’ since she’s discovered how to eat with satisfying joy and moderation!

The #1 most important element in life is breathing, the 2nd is eating.

Reports show that you will have more than 70,000 meals in your lifetime.

Learning to control your emotional connection to food, daily cravings and daily additions to ‘stripped-carbs’ will help you to have a sense of CALM  around food, and eventually lose weight!

If you wish to learn more about methods of better age-defying, self-care and weight loss techniques how to lose 10-20 lbs to look and feel better and reduce chronic conditions; then I would like to partner with you on your wellness journey!

Working with my clients I utilize genetic DNA testing to empower them with targeted fitness and nutrition strategies for optimum results.

This tailored coaching package is offered to women age 50 – 60+ who are holistically oriented and reaching a point in life that have tried the fad diets but are now ready to re-connect to the language of their body!

What is your takeaway from this article?

Join Milan here!

Milan Perry, HHP, MH provides Healthy Lifestyle Coaching for successful women 50+, holistically oriented who are at a point in life where they need more to take her health to a higher level. Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Certified in Herbalism, Nutrition Consulting and Professional Graduate of the International Culinary School of The Art Institutes.

A Personal Chef, busy wife, and Entrepreneur who feels that the “joie de vivre” is nutrient-rich foods + good wine + anti-aging (not in that order). She coaches women that have tried the depriving fad diets of quickie weight loss gimmicks without success, and now you are at a point in your life where you feel more in touch with your need of sustained well-being.

Now you’re ready to learn how to feel completely dropped into your feminine power! Learn more about One-On-One Coaching with Milan here.

It takes enlightenment and commitment to take “care of self” to the highest level possible, but you may need a little support!

Mindset + Motivation + Action is one of the most critical steps to live a healthy lifestyle.



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