~Your Elegant Escape From the Status-Quo ~

Join me in Chicago, Illinois. Solo Luxury Retreat 

If as a high achieving women you have felt like you’ve lost yourself to business, career, children, and ailing parent. You need to regroup and reconnect but you don’t know where to start.

Everyone experiences change through life, while some of it is better and more welcome than others. Any transition can be turned around to create a more positive change.

Only when you come home to self!

You are able to see the bigger picture of your life, your home environment, lifestyle and the people you surround yourself with.  Now is the stage of life that gives you permission to improve everything that will make you better.


allowing this all inclusive luxury retreat to inspire you to think about the way you eat, think about the way you live and think about the way you interact in your relationships with others. This is tailored as a 1-on-1 private wellness retreat or group retreat.


You’ve been there for everyone else now it’s about YOU! Sometimes, doesn’t it seem like everything around you is affecting your ability to relax and reset? Family, career, business has been #1 in your life, well now it’s time for you to look better + feel better. 

“Women will attract more joie de vivre, when they feel better about themselves!

Establish Sustainable Morning Rituals --Chicago Wellbeing Retreat

Our approach is to mentor you on reconnecting with the wisdom of your body! This stylish boutique retreat in luxury accomodations is about making YOU your priority. 

Love Yourself

Live Mindfully

Eat Intuitively

Realign Yourself

A New Wellbeing

Heal Holistically

Discover The New Essences of You!

Personal_Women_Meditation_Holistic_Wellbeing_Retreat_Chicago IL

It’s amazing you have decided NOW, is the BEST time ever.

To reassess lifestyle habits and let go of living by resolutions.

‘Committing to the Art of Living Vibrant, Chic and Healthy.

Finally giving attention to areas of your wellbeing that need you.

Filtering out negative lifestyle habits to make room for zen.

Journeying to“feeling powerful” more connected and present.

Eating ‘more intuitive’ dining in with family or out with colleagues.

Live Like A Local Reconnect + Renew 

Elegant Luxury Retreat That Focuses on Wellness Routines

Commit to Yourself in This Classy Chicago Wellness Retreat

Daily Schedule on Retreat 

~Self Care Mornings Menu Coaching~

1. Transformational coaching exploration on getting out of reactive and overwhelm mode.

2. Awareness of obstacles you put in your way for wellbeing when dining out.

3. Move forward from self-defeating thoughts/goals unfulfilled: integrate balance and wellness in your ambitious lifestyle.

4. Discover the 8 dimensions of wellness, mindful living  and why this is important!

~Hors D’Oeuvres in the Afternoon ~

Enjoy this time of reflection around the city so that you walk away with your ah-ha moments.

Stroll along historic Chicago: ‘Chic-est’ of shopping, alfresco dining, whimsical boutiques and architectural tour. Truly live like a local!

Soul Food Evenings of Mindful Living 

As the sun goes down and you listen to the sweet smell of the city enjoy “living mindfully as a ritual” dinner + cooking class + wine class.

Chicago Wellness Retreat for Emotional Support

“I’m thrilled to invite you or an intimate group of wonderful women on the same journey of self-care and mindfulness. Join us on this luxury wellness, culinary, dining-well retreat getaway in Chic Chicago”  ~ Milan

Black Owned Wellness Retreat for Women : Luxury Retreat Chicago

As a chef my clients learn techniques and tips on how to cook delicious that is savory, fresh, gourmet spa healthy cuisines. The love of delicious flavorful food and bold wine is what unites people ~ Milan

~Small Plates Lifestyle & Image ~

Be inspired to feel ‘Fit after 40’ “Habits to Transform”! Guidance from Expert Pilates & Fitness Instructor, Keisha Brown.

Habits to Transform Nutrition - Wellness - Lifestyle Retreat Chicago Keisha Brown

Leave Empowered to Adopt New Chic, Vibrant, Age-defying Elegance!

Lifestyle Wellness Retreat Chicago

Working as a former COMMERCIAL PRINT MODEL in Chicago. Milan left the world of externalized, superficial beauty. To explore her desire to help women optimize their ‘INNER BEAUTY’ and WELLNESS.

I’m Milan Perry, Culinary Nutrition & Wellness Coach. I empower successful women over 40 around the world who are holistically oriented, are going through a transition but want more. If you travel often, you love delicious food & wine…welcome!

My mission is to help you embrace healthier, positive sustainable lifestyle habits in this luxury retreat.

What’s Included in your luxury retreat?

  • 4 Night private luxury retreat OR group retreat.

  • USD single private occupancy Queen-bed, shared bathroom.

  • USD E-suite master King-bed, private bath, double vanity + steam shower (or room share).

  • Chef created meals and beverages (excluding snacks and alcohol), Gourmet Kitchen

Pickup from airport & transportation for scheduled hotspot visits.

Free non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks and mineral water) 24/7 and select alcoholic drinks at The Retreat). Spa like bath, W/D in room.

One-of-a-kind customized personal boutique experience, you deserve this!!

If you have any true food intolerances that will make you ill to eat, let us. But please know that we cannot guarantee restrictive diets will be accommodated. We will need any food intolerance immediately upon booking your spot.

Women Only event. Questions? [Contact:] We respond within 48 hours.

“Let’s Eat Like the French & Sip Tea Like the English” 

Chicago Healthy Living Luxury Wellness Guided Retreat Solo Getaway

Chicago luxury retreat awaits you:

A pre-retreat email transformational coaching call to help you prepare.

Solo wellness retreat OR couples health retreat OR womens group wellbeing retreat.

Luxurious amenities such as plush bathrobes, slippers, WIFI & more to create that cozy chic feel of your upscale Guesthouse boutique home.

Personal development and goal setting that inspires healthy habits.

Tailor made coaching session with Milan (1 before retreat/1 post retreat).

All group/private participants must be 40 or over. No exceptions to this qualification.

Have you ever found yourself in need of a change?

Why you need this luxury retreat?

1. You’ve never learn to fully step into the woman you know you can become.

2. By the time you remove stress-inducing lifestyle habits that make you lose your mojo you’re already suffering from burnout or stuck in life.

Give yourself permission to be more intune to your needs, honor YOU and reinvigorate yourself unapologetically in a classy way.

Contact for more details and to make sure you are a good fit.

Experience a Chicago weekend luxury retreat December 2019

How to Plan

Chicago has 4 seasons..dress for it.

Plenty to do, see & explore on foot or private car.

Don’t forget your laptop/tablet for workshops. Your phone (expect to turn it off) for emergency use.

Rooms have central air. Comfy clothes for workshop and day trips into the city.

PJs & Flip Flops, sweaters for cozy evenings. Dress clothes for welcome dinner.

Come home to self and join us for a luxury retreat in Chicago

Cancellation/Refund Policy/Pricing:

For The Trip: Sonaturelle Wellness by Milan reserve the right to cancel the luxury retreat. It’s recommended to purchase travel insurance if you need peace of mind Travel Guard Insurance

Cancellation policy: Full Cancellation & Refund Policy will be sent to you after deposit or full booking. If you have additional questions before you book, feel free to contact us by email at . This is an all exclusive retreat with a limited number of participants of 2-8 women, private retreat where all bookings are final.

For The Coaching 1:1 Session: We give you 30 days from retreat to use your ‘complimentary/45 min gift coaching’. Commit to the Art of Living retreat, is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  SEE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. On parle français aussi.

*Keep in mind, this is an exclusive retreat therefore, the application window for this luxury retreat is 1st come but it’s important that we chat beforehand.

What’s included with Ticket Purchase:

  • Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages for 4 days
  • Private luxury suite (VIP Level) or dbl-occupancy suite both with spa-like bath, and W/D in room
  • A Private Chef created Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
  • Round-Trip Airport Transfers In A Luxury Vehicle

What’s NOT included with Ticket Purchase:

  • Roundtrip airfare from home
  • Travel Insurance (recommended)
  • Medical, Personal, Or Travel Insurance
  • Additional excursions outside of luxury retreat
  • Items of personal nature/souvenirs/gratuities
  • Transport to hot spots in Chicago outside of designated hours

Luxury Retreat Pricing: Not sure if this is for you?

Let’s have a chat to determine if you are a good fit for this retreat. Schedule an appointment to speak with Milan.