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~Your Elegant Escape From the Status-Quo ~

Chicago, Illinois…Group Retreat June 6-9, 2019

(Private holistic wellness retreat, on-going all year booking)

Hello beautiful!

Welcome to ‘SoNaturelle Wellness by Milan’. This exclusive wellness retreat has been created in partnership with The Guesthouse Boutique Hotel.  

An exciting classy experience in beautiful Chicago! Visually stunning boutique style hotel for the woman of discerning taste..

Spectacular private holistic wellness experiential travel or group transformational retreat. 

This Bespoke Retreat is created for Women:

  • That are over 40 and introvert in nature but love great company around delicious food.

  • Independent spirit but feels dining/travel means experiencing the quality things of life.

  • High-achievers who now have a strong sense of needing to re-connect with living a healthier lifestyle.

  • Heart centered and ambitious feeling stuck in life but sees the need to continually improve her wellbeing.

Our approach is to mentor you on how to reconnect with the wisdom of your body and re-calibrate you!

Your award-winning exquisite lifestyle retreat is about making YOU your priority.

“Women will attract more joie de vivre, when they feel better about themselves!”Ready to Retreat & Live Life Elegantly and Vibrant?

Womens Group Lifestyle and Wellness Retreat Chicago

Top notch high end and spacious residence suites. With amenities selected to leave you feeling refreshed and tranquil.

Nurture your body

Feel better

Lose weight



Heal Holistically

Discover The New Essences of You!

Personal Women Solo Holistic Wellbeing Retreat Chicago IL

It’s amazing you have decided NOW, is the BEST time ever.

Honor you and love yourself more unapologetically.

‘Commitment to the Art of Living Vibrant, Chic and Healthy

Tune into those areas of your life & wellness that need you.

Filter out the negative lifestyle habits to make room for zen.

A journey to ‘feeling powerful” sophisticated and gorgeous.

Introduce ‘intuitive eating’ to bring more excitement to dining.

Private Accommodations at The Guesthouse Hotel

Classy Wellness Retreat at Guesthouse Hotel Chicago IL Sept 2018

Beautiful Guesthouse named one of the “best new hotels” by Chicago Magazine!

Top ranked #1 of 192 hotels in Chicago + rated 5 of 5 at TripAdvisorLuxury in a spa-like ambiance hotel.

Located in charming Andersonville whose roots as a community extend well back into the 19th century.

Welcome Day 1: Meet & Greet (mindful living).

Up-level Day 2: Commit to the Art of living Vibrant + Bubbles & Perrier (self-care).

Indulge Day 3: Habits to change lives + transformative group photo (luxury lifestyle)!

Finally, Step out with head-turning confidence, finally feeling your best (confidence boost)!

Commit Day 4: Feel-good with your riveting affirmations + lifestyle tips (vibrant & healthy).

Renew in Style: Chic Women Don’t Diet  

Incredible skyline balcony rooftop with a hot view of Chicago’s downtown.

Inspiring you to jump-start your very own transformation.

Holistic integrative invitation-only in the lap of luxury. 

Trust the urgent challenge to commit on a higher level.

NOTE: It is imperative to upgrade those necessary moments of respite that you need and deserve!.

View Chicago Skyline From Guesthouse Wellness Retreat by Sonaturelle

Reconnect With Your Inner Queen on a High Level 

  • Your secret sanctuary retreat in the beautiful City of Chicago a new experience.

  • You are invited to experience genuine mid-western hospitality combined with a chic, cosmopolitan style.

  • Enhance your well-being, reconnect with YOU unapologetically.

  • Featuring chef Milan for delicious healthy spa worthy cuisine to host your next dinner party!

  • Your passport to VIP Wellness retreat at the Luxury Guest House Boutique Hotel in Chicago.

Live Like A Local & Be Inspired 

Break unhealthy habits and cultivate healthy ones Chicago 3 night Wellness Retreat

Unforgettable, upscale transformational mini get-away where you will go home with treasures and new connections (best Instagram photos) to share with friends, without the stress of a traditional vacation.

Come back from your destination vacation having experienced something incredible and be a part of something NEW in the city of Chicago. In fact, Food and Wine named Chicago ranking #3 of the 2017’s Most Exciting Food Cities Destinations.

~DAY 1~

  • Arrival: As the day light fades, check-in to the Guesthouse Boutique Hotel as the city light and glass of bubbly tickles your nose.

  • Evening: Bienvenue at the 3 Arts Club Cafe. As you indulge your gastronomic senses get ready to gain clarity on what it means to commit to the art of living a vibrant lifestyle for mind/body/soul!


Start thinking about the way you eat, thinking about the way you live and thinking about the way you interact in your relationships with others.


~DAY 2~

  • Morning: Part 1 of  ‘Bubbles & Mimosa’ breakout group. Give yourself permission to dream like a school girl as you create your personal style with mindfulness and intent as the outcome.

  • 30 min break (spa menu) to absorb, rejuvenate and refuel your mind + body + spirit.

  • Afternoon: Part 2 of ‘Bubbles & Mimosa’ mindful living vision board breakout group’.  To explore obstacles to ‘Committing to The Art Of Living Chic & Vibrantly’.

Learn to adjust to life transitions during your solo wellness retreat Chicago

  • Evening: Gourmet cooking class by Milan as you indulge in a multi-course spa inspired dinner and French wine exploration. After an intensive study in holistic health and herbalism, her mission is to empower women to LOOK GOOD + FEEL GOOD. 

“Eat Like the French & Sip Tea Like the English” 

Engage in our Cooking demo of spa cuisine during your Wellness Retreat

While receiving educational training in Chicago from the International Culinary School at the Art Institutes Chicago, mentorship from  The Chopping Block,

My high class culinary educational studies included: Food Styling, Latin cuisine, French cuisine, American cuisine and healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

After working as a personal chef to high-level clientele in Chicago, blending wellbeing seemed only appropriate.

My love is cooking with select natural ingredients. Foods that are fresh spa healthy cuisines. The love of food is what unites people ~ Milan

~DAY 3~

  • Morning: Be inspired to feel ‘Fit after 40’ “Habits to Transform”! Guidance from Expert Pilates & Fitness Instructor, Keisha Brown.

Habits to Transform Nutrition - Wellness - Lifestyle Retreat Chicago Keisha Brown

After an invigorating morning with Keisha, discover your splendor, “Beauty through the Lens of the Camera“.  Transform mood and spirit, by Vibrant Lifestyle photographer Kirsten Fenton

Kirsten Fenton Lifestyle Photographer Wellness Retreat Chicago

Afternoon: holistic immersion in culture and community

  • Evening: Enjoy an off the tourist track stroll along historic Andersonville and Lincoln Square. The ‘Chic-est’ of shopping, alfresco dining, whimsical boutiques and fun experiences in Chicago.

~DAY 4~

  • Morning Check-out: Enjoy a leisure nap, journal, indulge in a spa treatment at Revive Spa; last minute shopping or lunch at a local hot spot!

Leave Empowered to Adopt New Chic, Vibrant, Age-defying Elegance!

Reconnect with yourself elegant weightloss retreat chicago

Working as a former COMMERCIAL PRINT MODEL in Chicago, Milan left the world of externalized, superficial beauty to explore her desire to help women optimize their ‘INNER BEAUTY’ and WELLNESS.

Milan Perry is a Culinary Nutrition & Wellness Coach. She empowers successful women over 40 around the world who are holistically oriented but stuck in information overload about their health, body image & wellness. They travel often, love delicious food & wine! Her mission is to help you embrace healthier sustainable lifestyle habits.

Her delight is hosting elegant Wellness Retreats (individual or group) infused with lifestyle coaching.

It’s been too long since you’ve spent quality time with your girls. You know, no guys, no kids, no stress… So don’t delay, limited availability!

Dedicate time to spiritual practice and study wellness retreat ChicagoYour Wellness Retreat:

  • 3 Night Personal Retreat OR Group Retreat. June & September Schedule

  • USD single private occupancy, shared bathroom, Queen-bed.

  • USD E-suite master King-bed, private bath, double vanity + steam shower.

  • All participants must be 40 or over. no exceptions to this qualification.

Luxurious amenities such as plush bathrobes, slippers, WIFI & more to create that cozy chic feel of your boutique home. Empowerment tools and practices that inspire healthy change.

One-of-a-kind unique opportunity, you deserve this!!

If you have any true food intolerance’s that will make you ill to eat, we will do our best to support you. But please know that we cannot guarantee restrictive diets will be accommodated. We will need any food intolerance’s immediately upon booking your spot.

Women Only event. Questions? [Contact:] We respond within 48 hours.

revive spa meets Sonaturelle Wellness Retreat ChicagoWhat’s Included ?

A pre-retreat email coaching form to help you prepare.

Group OR individual custom wellness retreat.

Free non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks and mineral water) 24/7 and select alcoholic drinks at The Retreat.

Three delicious healthy meals each day.

Transportation for scheduled hotspot visits.

Holding space limited to 8 women (6 remaining).

A tailored made coaching session with Milan ($300 value).

Secret to Shopping In Upscale Genevieve Boutique Chicago RetreatHave you ever found yourself in need of a vacation—from your vacation?

There are 2 reasons why this happens:

1. You never focused on filtering out all of the negative thoughts that consume you.

2. Removing  fatigue-inducing lifestyle habits wasn’t accomplished.

Now, it’s time to make room for what is beneficial and conducive!

Give yourself permission to honor YOU and re-invigorate yourself unapologetically in a classy way.

Contact for more details and to make sure you are a good fit.

Apply for your solo personal retreat or group wellness retreat Midwest Chicago

How to Keep Weight Off Coming Back From VacationWhat Should I Pack?

June in Chicago is beautiful. You can expect temperatures ranging from high 77 and a little chillier at night.

There is central air in each room which you can control. Comfy clothes for Friday workshop recommended.

Clothes and shoes for walking around city.

Dress clothes for welcome dinner.

PJs & FlipFlops

Don’t forget your laptop or tablet

Your phone (expect to turn it off)

Cancellation/Refund Policy/Pricing:

For The Trip:  Sonaturelle Wellness by Milan reserve the right to cancel the retreat. It’s recommended to purchase travel insurance if you need peace of mind Travel Guard Insurance

Cancellation policy: View the full Cancellation & Refund Policy. If you have additional questions before you book, feel free to contact us by email at Early bird offer $3,201 pp (*valued at 5,000) with a limited number of participants, where all bookings are final. A deposit of $800.00. required to hold your space.

For The Classy Coaching Session: We give you 30 days from retreat to use your ‘complimentary/45 min gift coaching’ from the Retreat. Commit to the Art of Living retreat, is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  SEE TERMS AND CONDITIONSOn parle français. 

Retreat Pricing: Group Retreat Upon acceptance you’ll receive a VIP reservation link, to make a single payment $3,201 pp usd* OR  4 payment plan of $600.25 after deposit has been made.  OR  3 Days (4 nights) Private Retreat 5,380. Add on 6 month Wellness Lifestyle Transformation.

Not Included with Ticket Purchase:

  • Airfare to Chicago

  • Travel Insurance (recommended)

  • Gratuities

  • Additional excursions

  • Items of personal nature/souvenirs

  • Transport to hot spots in Chicago outside of designated hours

  • Spa Services

traveling though Georgia airport

Total Immersion of Mindfulness:

Wellbeing, Luxury, Dining, Elegance and Chic Shopping

hostess retreat gift upon welcome