Escape, Create Your 'Joie de Vivre' Lifestyle





May 11-15, 2023

If you're a career-driven savvy-chic woman who's never really given herself permission to say YES to take the necessary steps towards self-care, then join me for an epicurean bliss in gourmet food, wine and lavish décor that will elevate your lifestyle from ordinary to extraordinary!

Chicago's l'art de vivre


Strolling along the Riverwalk reminiscent of a Parisian getaway, feeling the energy of the city all around you, the bright sun giving you sweet kisses on your skin and the humidity in the air. You feel the gentle breeze blowing across the deep blue lake, gazing and being mesmerized by the ripples that dance across the water's surface...

...perhaps it's the way the blue sky shimmers overhead. Whatever the reason, you can’t resist the charm of this place, it’s impossible.

 Later in the afternoon for a few brief moments, you realize all your regrets have faded away,  its about you now and simply soak in the beauty of this dazzling city. Feeling that it’s the perfect retreat nestled away from the hustle and bustle of city life, watching the sun set, retreating into your thoughts and being at peace...ahh! As you think to yourself, “this is what a Chicago retreat should feel like”. 

When it comes to living your best life, it's all about finding your 'joie de vivre' - that special "je ne sais quoi" that makes you feel alive and excited about life. And there's no better place but here, so go on…IGNITE YOUR INNER CHIC and ….

Welcome and …Immerse yourself in a Chicago urban lifestyle.

Cater your most scrumptious chic life unapologetically 

By the end of this retreat, you will have made time to pause & release, learned how to let go of the old to discover your inner chic, and received tools to create a 'joie de vivre' boutique lifestyle, so can return home and Be Your Best Self.

In French ‘Joie de vivre’ means "joy of life." Embrace this feeling of happiness and positivity as it washes over you living a full and healthy life. You let out a sigh of relief from rediscovering the woman inside of you that was never lost, she emerges gently and after finding her…tapping into your reservoir and igniting your inner chic, a retreat in Chicago may be just what you needed.

Through a deep heart-to-heart reflection in our boutique, rediscover your strengths and your weaknesses in self-awareness, then learn the tools to have a healthier balance in your life. You’ll return home and allow yourself permission to practice being more patient with others and more importantly yourself without sacrificing your needs.

How amazing would it feel to just take a pause, release, and bring back to life healthy lifestyle principles on a deeper level?

Oh, how delightful – and that’s what this retreat is all about! Through the 'Chic Woman Don’t Diet' way of being, you’ll release your emotional attachments to beliefs from the past so you can return home. You'll elevate the way you live, how you eat, and the way you interact socially setting the stage for your life changes.


Match the flow of your internal space with your external space.


Create a safe space to always come home to your inner chic.


DROOL worthy food is your pathway to pleasure!

I have more juicy details for you, darling!


Chicago is the perfect place to just take a pause, release, and bring back to life healthy lifestyle principles on a deeper level. 

When you step in the Guesthouse Hotel you immediately feel the charm of what makes Chicago a unique urban city in the Midwest.

…you will discover through The ‘Chic Woman Don’t Diet’ way of being, how to release your emotional attachments to beliefs from the past…

elevate the way you live, how you eat, and the way you move and interact socially setting the stage for your life changes. When you're aware enough then whatever comes up is no longer foreign but rather something familiar-a part of yourself--or maybe even someone else...

Chatting and connecting with other like-minded women who are on their journey to wellbeing and chicness. 

Releasing and letting go of all that has been holding you back, tapping into your power, and stepping in fully, create meaningful healthy lifestyle goals that lead to a more fulfilling life emerging as your best self.

Yes, you had me at scrumptious! 

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‘Chic Women Don't Diet'

Chicago is a Condé Nast favorite  

…and the best place to take the first big step towards bringing more chic to your life and refocusing on getting healthy. Gracefully holding the title of the best BIG city in the U.S. after all these years with only one purpose: To Be Home Again...

Affectionately called the Windy City it’s long been known for its vibrant and exciting culture, which you can experience at every turn in this great metropolis of America's Midwest!

The city of Chicago has been through a lot in its history. The first skyscraper was built from the ruins of The Great Fire in 1871 which destroyed much of our city. As the wind blew fierce and salty, the fire leaped from its ashes, a column of smoke that reached as high into the sky as heaven itself; but it wasn't enough to stop America's first skyscraper—the Sears Tower (now known as The Willis Building") and this is the resilient spirit you feel from every friendly face

Filled with so much energy, fire, and life that you can't help but be infected by it's chic lifestyle. Chicago is a city that will empower you to thrive on a new kind of  'joie de vivre'.

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The Accommodations

“Welcome to the club, live like a local!"

The Guesthouse Boutique Hotel Chicago: what's not to love? Elegant and stylish, its beautiful décor gives you an authentic taste of your home away from home in a retreat setting.

It’s honestly a hidden gem, located on the edge of downtown and close to some great shops as well as public transportation which makes it easy to explore on your day to yourself with a car, Uber, DEVVY bike, foot, L-train, or CTA bus it offers you a little bit of everything in one fantastic location.

As you walk through the doors, your tired feet will be greeted with vintage antiques and gifts to bring out your inner chic plus Chicago memorabilia.

Modern accommodations with an urban edge, just steps away from major tourist attractions such as The Art Institute Of Chicago, Millennium Park, and Wrigley Fields to name a few.

"I am going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life" ~ Elsie de Wolfe

The perfect place to experience something new!

Fantastic space to give yourself permission to release the old you with to experience peace, mindfulness, relaxation, and tranquility with a luxurious and trendy experience. Not to forget its modern design, which makes it stand out from the rest. Having easy access to Jean Baptiste Lake Shore Drive, The Magnificent Mile, Wrigley Field and downtown so you can easily get around without having any trouble finding what your heart desires!

Nestled in one of our very own historic neighborhoods minutes away from Jean Baptist Lake Shore Drive this is the perfect place if you are looking to experience something new.

I've given myself permission to release!

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“YOU will attract more joie de vivre, when you feel better about yourself!

Ahhh, a foodie’s paradise. Chicago is for food lovers…the foodie. Recognized as a city home to great food, famous dishes, and international faire. From the deep dish pizza, Maxwell Street Polish, Chicago Style hot dogs, Chicago style food is all about quality, fresh ingredients, and unique spices.  You can taste the passion in every bite of the cuisines of its neighborhoods from: West Town potato Pierogi, Greektown Shrimp Santorini, Chinatown Beef and Broccoli Lo Mein, Pilsen Chicken and Vegetables Fajitas, and Little Italy Mini Chocolate Cannoli. 

During your time you will be able to join your host chef Milan in the kitchen infusing love into your cuisines as you create scrumptious food reminiscent of when mothers, aunts and grandmothers saw cooking as togetherness, wearing stockings and colorful aprons covering their Sundays best. Eating delicious food with a gourmet flair while sharing her favorite 'Chic Women Don’t Diet secrets to dining’. Blending elements of French, Italian, plant-based, and cuisines of the Mediterranean that will make your stomach rumble with delight!

Prepare your tastebuds for the famers markets best Eggplant and Roasted Red Pepper Terrine, Roasted Broccolini with Lemon-Parsley Gremolata, Mousse au Chocolate, Provençale Steamed Mussels, Warm Farro, Tomato, Olive and Basil, Salade. Food that’s not just something you eat but an art form created by carefully combining different textures and flavors on your palate so they come alive!

Yes Chocolate Mousse, I'm In!

Day 1: L'Art de Vivre


Today is a chic soiree designed for you! Welcome to the Club! Settle in pause, release, and bring back to life healthy lifestyle principles on a deeper level.

Check-in at The Guesthouse Boutique 

  • After settling in meet your hostess in the main foyer of the boutique where you will be transported for a chic dining experience + champagne soiree. Enjoy Amuse Bouche and appetizers.         
  • Experience The Gold Coast Welcome where you will release emotional attachments in your life, letting go, allowing space to create a well-designed curated life that’s clutter-free.
  • Elevate how you live by creating a well-designed life that reflects the art of mindfully living.
  • As the evening winds down, through a deep heart-to-heart reflection, you will rediscover your strengths and your weaknesses in self-awareness and then learn the tools to have a healthier balance in your life.
  • Dinner at 3 Arts Café in The Goldcoast ‘Welcome to the Club’ 

Day 2: Your Inner Chic 

Today is when you get to tap into your Unique Biochemical Individuality (UBI) blueprint, unlock the code to your bodies imbalances, tapping into the fountain of youth. Cultivate the Art of Dining Well!

Wake up to a heart-pumping walk along John Baptiste Lake Shore Drive beach to start your morning ritual of self-care, guided walk meditation, rooftop yoga, or journal your thoughts in a chic space.

Le petit dejeuner (Breakfast)

  • Chicago’s Specialty Olive Oil tasting "a great meal starts with amazing oil"
  • Tour of ‘Galleria Chic Artisans Collective’ in Andersonville
  • Milan’s gourmet seasonal menu lunch chic cooking class
  • Step on over to Chicago’s West Town (where Wicker Park and Bucktown meet) with LE LABO perfumery specialists, who are passionate about creating your signature feminine fragrance.
  • Pause for an espresso in the super posh Café Robey—nestled in one of Chicago’s most famous Art Deco masterpiece buildings!
  • Dinner prepared, styled by your host and private chef Milan 

Day 3: Have Your Chocolat Mousse & bold wine


Today is your day we explore together the Chic Woman's 3-step formula of self-care practices, your ‘Hierarchy of Needs.

Breakfast in Guesthouse Boutique Hotel

  • Depart for downtown Chicago
  • Enjoy a group Architectural Boat Tour, positioned at the end of downtown Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, (named by TripAdvisor as one of America’s most popular tours) pause and release while enjoying scenic city views on the waters of Lake Michigan.
  • Lunch (on your own), nap, journal, and or explore Andersonville's whimsical modern and artsy boutiques.
  • Milan will host a cooking demo where you will learn how to deepen “your love language” through food plus utilize aromatic ingredients that are healthy, sexy, gourmet, and the ‘Un-diet’.
  • Drink Chic Wine class (2 tasting glasses). 

Day 4: A Well Curated Life Boutique Refocus


A historic morning walk along Jean Baptist Lake Shore Drive, to slow your mind, allowing room for wellbeing, self-care, and chic thoughts to permeate.   

Le petit dejeuner (Breakfast)


  • Enjoy your day of shop therapy on your own then enjoy your day off as you strolling down the The Magnificent Mile, Chicago’s most famous shopping district, which runs along Michigan Ave from the Chicago River to Oak St.
  • Let your taste buds enjoy a true foodie experience of with chic spots to dine rooftop, al fresco eat, sip then people watch taking in the sights and sounds of sweet urban living.



Day 5: Final Au Revoirs (farewell)


Imagine how fantastic you’ll feel to be surrounded by other women who get excited by positive thoughts like you and have released their regrets about things said or done in life.

Until next time darling,.. saying your farewells as you check out of The Guesthouse Boutique reminiscing of your Chicago experience.

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On this retreat, you’ll set in motion a re-aligning of your daily thought processes...

...and habits through the Chic Woman's mindful living habits for wellbeing. So that you can tap into your creative self-expression, and show up fully empowered feeling more centered and inflow.

  • You’ll no longer feel guilty saying NO
  • Honor your needs so you can confidently stand in your power
  • Feel more unapologetically with confidence in your decisions...
  • Live life purposely without excuses or apologies, feeling exciting
  • Booking yourself on your calendar daily, weekly, and monthly.
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What's Included in your boutique package?

  • Onboarding call before your Boutique Daycation intensive

  • Spacious accommodations at The Guesthouse Boutique Hotel for three nights with welcome Champagne. 

  • Four fabulous days, all inclusive daily meals together enjoying all that makes Chicago urban life chic to up-level your lifestyle, feed your inner food, in a classy environment that is sure to exude femininity to boost your libido.
  • Milan's deep-dive conversations and coaching sessions designed to help you identify your path, focus on what is important to YOU.
  • Daily reflection of where you've been in life as well as a discussions that targets your chic goals for tomorrow - it has never been easier than now!
  • Three gourmet breakfast, One in-room gourmet lunch semi - plant based cooking class, two gourmet dinner prepared by chef Milan.
  • One discover the art of wine tasting class with 2 alcoholic beverages - by chef Milan (*the only time wine is included)
  • One fabulous dinner at unique location in Chicago's downtown luxurious neighborhood of the Gold Coast
  • Elevate your sense of smell and refill your soul workshop at LE LABO, your signature fragrances personalized to your feminine essence 
  • Post-trip community support through our private Facebook group.
  • Four Single private occupancy Queen-bed, shared bathroom.

  •  Two E-suite master King-bed, private bath, double vanity + steam shower.

What's NOT included in your experience:

The following IS NOT included:

  • Your domestic or international round-trip flights from home
  • Meals not listed (Chicago is a foodie city so there is are hot spots around the corner). We were voted 2nd top foodie city in US. 
  • Alcoholic beverages not listed except for wine class, laundry, incidentals, spa services, personal phone calls or other activities not explicitly mentioned
  • Souvenirs and shopping sprees (your boutique hotel is in the heart of a whimsical and charming boutiques, shops and restaurant).
  • Tips for drivers or services occurred outside of scheduled retreat activities if you chose to stay longer.
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance (which is strongly recommended).
  • Any beverages alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages not in your room (soft drinks and mineral water) can be purchased in Guesthouse lobby.
  • Select alcoholic beverages may be purchased in the Guesthouse Hotel lobby. 
  • Transportation to/from airport (airfare not included) 


 This Is So Chic et nous parlons Francais! 

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Before our retreat together we will have a group call that will set you on the right track for preparing for the retreat and your upcoming transformation!  You will receive a 'pre-retreat pack' well before our call and departure. This call will also help with getting acquainted so we will hit the ground running at our welcome cocktail and dinner party!


The Let’s Get Elegant  Chic is our virtual boutique/private Facebook community that you will gain immediate access to once you register. Here you will receive weather tips, travel tips and tricks, important information about the Ignite Your Inner Chic & Be Your Best Self in Chicago retreat, and you will be able to connect with other women who will be on the trip, in addition to your boutique roomies if you are traveling alone!


Upon your return home, Milan will hold a post-retreat call to assist you with integrating your new learnings and remaining focused on your transformational experience and the actions that you planned to take to keep your inner chic boutique life thriving.


A NOTE FROM MILAN Your hostess: 

“Let’s Eat Like the French & Sip Tea Like the English”


Working as a former COMMERCIAL PRINT MODEL in Chicago I left the world of externalized, superficial beauty. To explore my desire to help women optimize their ‘INNER BEAUTY’ and WELLNESS. As a  Gourmet Chef, Wellness Coach, Herbalist, Wine Specialist... I empower women over 40 around the world who are holistically oriented but want more. If you love amazing food, chic décor, enjoy a bold glass of red wine in the evenings…welcome!

Over the years I have experienced transitions in life where I forgot to care for "Milan" and after the passing of Roxie who I considered to be my 2nd mother, I was no longer concerned about me, I had let business, caring for family and external things consume me. Until one day sitting in my car crying I said NO MORE! I will nurture my inner chic, and give her the priority she needs unapologetically. 

This is why I am over the moon excited you are joining me on this retreat where you’ll set in motion a re-aligning of your daily thought processes and habits through the Chic Woman's mindful living habits for wellbeing. So that by the end of this retreat, you will have made time to pause & release, learned how to let go of the old to discover your inner chic, and received tools to create a “joie de vivre” boutique lifestyle, so can return home and Be Your Best Self.

Balance can certainly influence how we feel in our bodies and our connection to our inner chic. 

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