Nourish Your Inner Soul & Have Your Chocolate Mousse

~An Elegant Escape From the Status-Quo~

 Chicago Illinois; September 11, 2022

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If you're taking care of aging parents, needing to relax, and learn to replenish from always sacrificing yourself, then join Milan Perry in a retreat where the focus is on YOU— settling down, having some fun, and enjoying a scrumptious food experience along with a lovely glass of wine.

Take Me Home!

Mindful Living 

Find your own personal spark of joy


"I dare you to live your most scrumptious life with style and pizzazz"

Gourmet Food

An elegant dinner to melt your heart

Ode to the Chic Woman...


As the gentle breeze blows across the deep blue lake, giving you sweet kisses on your skin and reassuring you that everything is ok. You see the beauty in a destination that will leave you feeling refreshed and nourished. Reconnect with yourself and find the strength you need, where you can let go of the stress and tension of everyday life. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, relax and enjoy the moment.

Feeling like all the weight has been lifted off your shoulders, now you know you can break away and be at one with your thoughts where you allow yourself to be truly immersed in what's important without interruption or distractions everywhere around you. Connect with yourself, hear your inner voice in a serene moment you feel time, silence, and reflection.

In this moment, you let go of the guilt and the feeling for not being able to do everything perfectly and just relax. The gentle warmth of your body feels like an instrument ready for music as it starts up again and melds for a glorious new day for what comes next.. a space focused on you. You feel so alive and full of energy, ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Everything feels possible and you can't wait to get started feeling so connected to the world around you, everything is filled with beauty and possibility. 

What are you waiting for? There can't be a better place than right here in this moment to…COME HOME TO SELF!!!

Mmm, it sounds like you're quenched for all of your juicy details!

So tell me, is this you?

  • You yearn for a much needed break from caregiving to focus on you.
  • You know how important it is to connect with other women.
  • You're driven to learn about self-care on a deeper level going forward.
  • Your soul is calling your to reconnect with your passions, dreams, and goals.
  • You crave the moments when you can reduce stress in beautiful surroundings.
  • You desire creativity and space to help you deal with your difficult situation. 

If you answered YES to three of these or more, then this 1 day care givers retreat was made especially with YOU in mind and that’s exactly why you’re going to LOVE The Come Home to Self Retreat



By the end of this VIP 3 day retreat, you will have come home to self, made time to focus on nourishing your inner soul, getting healthy again while enjoying chocolate mousse confidently knowing what to do next.

Leaning in to mindfully putting yourself first without feeling guilty, to truly 'Come Home to Self' so you can return home with a feeling of happiness and positivity as it washes over you ready to embrace the woman inside of you.

Relieved to have found herself again after being lost for so long – living life fully is what you deserve while refreshing your reservoirs being able to give without being tapped out.

In French 'A La Mode' translates to meaning stylish or chic! Darling, you are home! The chic woman inside of you was never lost, she emerges gently and after finding her being at ease in your skin so you feel good + look good.  


Ahhh, you've come home to the woman within awaiting for you to embrace her fully again!

This three day retreat offers the perfect chance take stock, forget about all your troubles for awhile with other likeminded ladies or get help overcoming challenges that matter most!

A weekend getaway of chic exploration, delicious food, culture, coaching, rejuvenation, – and INDULGENCE– something YOU need desperately is to find your center!

This day of ultimate self-care retreat will be a highlight in your life, the perfect way to spend some quality time with yourself, while getting back on track and learning new ways how to make it easier on both yourself + those you love most

Chicago is a city where you can feel the thriving spirit of creativity helping you treat yourself with the same care and love that you give others.

Your mouth waters from the chef's gourmet culinary delights created with a unique twist on classic entrees of Blackened Scallops topped with a lemon garlic sauce; Salmon en Croute plated with apple butter, Brussels sprouts, fennel, rosemary cream; and a luxurious meal of Coq au Vin is sure to exceed your expectations. 

As the evening winds down you'll set a clear intention and reflect on all areas of your life moving forward in order create holistic balance. Tomorrow is a new day!


Elegant Escape From the Status-Quo

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Tell me about the Boutique Stay...

Check-in at The Guesthouse Boutique 

The Guesthouse Boutique Hotel Chicago: what's not to love? Elegant and stylish, its beautiful décor gives you an authentic taste of your home away from home in a retreat setting.

When you check in you'll see that it’s honestly a hidden gem, located on the edge of downtown and close to some great shops as well as public transportation which makes it easy to explore on your day to yourself with a car, Uber, DEVVY bike, foot, L-train, or CTA bus it offers you a little bit of everything in one fantastic location.

As you walk through the doors, your tired feet will be greeted with vintage antiques and gifts to bring out your inner chic plus Chicago memorabilia.

Modern accommodations with an urban edge, just steps away from major tourist attractions such as The Art Institute Of Chicago, Millennium Park, and Wrigley Fields to name a few.

Live like a local!

Nestled in one of our very own historic neighborhoods, minutes away from Jean Baptist Lake Shore Drive and with easy access to all that downtown has offer this is the perfect place for you! Close to all the action but feels like a world away.

The guesthouse boutique is located in a beautiful, well-established neighborhood that's safe and family-friendly. It’s spacious and airy, with high ceilings and big windows that let in tons of natural light. The kitchen is updated and perfect for entertaining, and the balcony is the perfect spot for morning coffee or evening cocktails.

Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway or a place to call home, this is the perfect spot for you! Away from the busyness of downtown, our neighborhood offers a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. But don't let its serene appearance fool you - there's still plenty to do! 

Not only will it be an escape from your everyday life but also a chance at discovering yourself through mindfulness, gourmet food, self-care techniques.

You can enjoy their luxurious yet chic design not far away from The Magnificent Mile and downtown with all major crosstown streets being within walking distance it's not hard at all to find what your heart desires to indulge in more inspiration!

I've given myself permission to nourish all of me!

I can't wait, SIGN ME UP!


Ahhh, a foodie’s escape!


Chicago is for the woman who loves food…the feminine foodie. Recognized as a city home to great food, famous dishes, and international fare

You can taste the passion in every bite of the cuisines in each of its neighborhoods enjoying pillowy and light, with a crispy exterior and a dusting of powdered sugar reminiscent of France with a Chicago flare.

The fresh, briny smell of the ocean fills your nose as you watch clouds of steam rising from the hot broth. You can't wait to take that first spoonful, savoring the rich flavor of the tomato-based soup enhanced by a medley of seafood.

The succulent shrimp, tender scallops, and flaky fish melt in your mouth, providing a delicious contrast to the slightly crunchy vegetables. As you savor every bite, you can't help but feel grateful for this simple yet amazing entre.

Classic and contemporary French cuisine. Fresh, wild salmon is wrapped in flaky pastry and baked to perfection. The result is an entre that is both elegant and approachable, and it is sure to make your mouth water. 

During your time with Milan, she'll be sharing her favorite "Chic Women Don’t Diet secrets to dining out." Inviting elements of Southern French cuisine and Creole Fusion that will make your stomach rumble in delight!

Imagine a place where the food is so delicious and well-paired that it's an expression of art the flavors are carefully combined to titillate your taste buds, coming alive on autopilot as you bite into their perfect balance. 

Yes Chocolate Mousse, I'm In!

Forget everything you think you know about self-care and start over.

  • You’ll no longer feel guilty saying YES to you and find peace in a supportive environment.
  • Take a break from the demands of caregiving and focus on you, come home to yourself. 
  • Reconnect to yourself and creativity through guided meditation, guided journaling and color therapy.
  • Learn mindful living habits that will help you feel more centered and empowered in your decisions moving forward.
  • Enjoy guilt-free time for YOU without worrying about the needs of others – this is an opportunity to focus on your wellbeing first!

Elegant Affair


Come home to self, think about the way you live, the way you eat, and the way you move in life!

  • After settling in with your luggage, meet your hostess in the main foyer of the boutique where you will be transported for a chic dining experience + champagne soiree.          
  • Experience The Gold Coast Welcome allowing space to create a well-designed curated life that’s clutter-freeElevate how you live by creating a well-designed life that reflects the art of mindfully living.
  • As the night draws to a close and your thoughts turn towards love, you feel like yourself again finishing your last drink, it's only natural that thoughts of serenity fill your head. 
  • Gazing at your glass of wine you realize your'e craving a grand finale a unique twist to a perfectly luxurious experience -- a decadent amazing chocolate mousse.

Morning Glory 


Today is a special morning where the evening is focus is on serving you, "the caregiver". 

Settle in Come Home To Self! 

  • Experience a retreat with a touch of Parisian style. You'll be transported to a chic brunch + Mocktails in the main foyer of your retreat boutique.
  • Over the course of the day in our Midwest Chicago Retreat, you will learn to focus on how your delicious food nourishes you on a cellular level
  • Elevate how you start your day with a curated brunch that reflects the art of eating mindfully undistracted improving digestion.
  • The sun shines bright as it rises over the horizon, restore your mind and body to each new day, calling you to..come home to self.

Afternoon Tea

Your journey of coming home to self is a journey of self-love and reflection

Confidently knowing what to do next 

  • Put aside your heavy load, come inside and let's talk about what life has thrown your way, together we can figure it out. 
  • "Take Some Time", not thinking of it as an interruption but rather stratified into different parts: physical/emotional wellness + mental wellbeing.
  • Stepping inside the boutique meeting Milan releasing what life has thrown your way again, this 3 day retreat is definitely worth your wait. 
  • Ahh you say to yourself, "the way I feel at this moment is exactly how life will feel from now" on cleansing your mind and heart. 

Wine Down


Closing your circle of love exploring the Chic Woman's 3-step formula of self-care practices, ‘Hierarchy of Needs'.

Wouldn't it be incredible to finally know what nourished feels like?

  • The sun begins its descent inquisitive in your gaze as you reflect on how the Chic woman's 3-step formula has changed not only your life but also those around you. I can almost taste victory!
  • Isn't it an amazing feeling when your worries and stresses of the day have wash away, being able to relax into rituals that fuel your mind and soul.
  • You'll take three deep breaths--in through the nose and out through the mouth—meditate and visualize all that is good around you; is washed away!
  • Milan will help you 'come home to self' using the top "Hierarchy of Needs" so you'll always feel nourished, tapping into this for strength going home. 
I'm ready Milan, Sign Me Up!

What's Included in your Weekend Getaway?

  • Onboarding call before your Retreat for Women Caregivers of Aging Parents.

  • Spacious accommodations at The Guesthouse Boutique Hotel for one night with welcome brunch.

  • One Gourmet breakfast & one dinner by your Chef, one Parisian afternoon tea lunch, one gourmet dinner by Oprah's executive chef Art Smith in a farm-to-table oasis serving Parisian Creole cuisine in Chicago's downtown luxurious neighborhood of the Gold Coast.
  • One full day coaching, all inclusive meals enjoying all that makes Chicago urban life chic to up-level your lifestyle, feed your inner foodie.
  • Mindful living & self care strategies in a classy environment that is sure to exude femininity to boost your creativity for self-care.
  • Milan's deep-dive ladies circle designed around your to help you identify your path, focus on what is important to YOU.
  • Post-trip community support through our private Facebook group.
  • Four single private occupancy Queen-bed, shared bathroom. (4 spaces remaining)

  • Two E-suite master King-bed, private bath, double vanity + steam shower. (SOLD OUT)

What's NOT included in your experience:

The following IS NOT included:

  • Your domestic or international round-trip flights or transportation to and from home
  • Meals not listed (Chicago is a foodie city so there are hot spots around the corner). We were voted 2nd top foodie city in US. 
  • Alcoholic beverages not listed except during dinner, laundry, incidentals, spa services, personal phone calls or other activities not explicitly mentioned
  • Souvenirs and shopping sprees (your boutique hotel is in the heart of a whimsical and charming boutiques, shops and restaurant).
  • Tips for drivers or services occurred outside of scheduled retreat activities if you chose to stay longer.
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance (which is strongly recommended).
  • Any beverages alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages not in your room (soft drinks and mineral water) can be purchased in Guesthouse lobby.
  • Select alcoholic beverages may be purchased in the Guesthouse Hotel lobby. 
  • Transportation to/from airport (airfare not included) 

Love this, SIGN ME UP NOW?

Getting ready to build your Self-Care Emergency Kit


Before our retreat together we will have a group call unless private retreat that will set you on the right track for preparing for the retreat and your upcoming transformation!  You will receive a 'pre-retreat pack' well before our call and departure. This call will also help with gett acquainted so we will hit the ground running at our welcome gourmet breakfast mocktail and dinner party!


The Let’s Get Elegant Chic is our virtual boutique/private Facebook community that you will gain immediate access to once you register. Here you will receive weather tips, travel tips and tricks, important information about the Come Home To Self Chicago retreat, and you will be able to connect with other women who will be on the trip, in addition to your boutique roomies if you are traveling alone!


Upon your return home, Milan will hold a post-retreat call to assist you with integrating your new learnings and remaining focused on your transformational experience and the actions that you planned to take to keep your thriving and coming home to self as a caregiver.

A NOTE FROM MILAN Your hostess: 

“Let’s Eat Like the French & Sip Tea Like the English”


Working as a former COMMERCIAL PRINT MODEL in Chicago I left the world of externalized, superficial beauty. To explore my desire to help women optimize their ‘INNER BEAUTY’ and WELLNESS.

As a Gourmet Chef, Wellness Coach, Herbalist, Wine Specialist... Over the years I have experienced transitions  in life where I forgot to care for "Milan" and after being a care giver to my 93 year old mother-in-law Ruby and with the passing of Roxie 88 years old who I considered to be my 2nd mother, I was no longer concerned about me, I had let business, caring for family and external things consume me. Until one day sitting in my car crying I said NO MORE! It's time to Come Home To Self. 

This is why I am over the moon excited you are joining me on this retreat where you’ll set in motion a re-aligning of your daily thought processes and habits through the Chic Woman's mindful living habits for wellbeing. So that by the end of this retreat, you will have made time to nourish your inner soul enjoying your chocolate mousse, learned how to embrace your journey of self-love, to feel good + look good, ready to come home to self and confidently know what to do next to give yourself more.

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“I love the woman I've become because I've fought to become her!"