Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October, so I wanted to add my perspective from a holistic point of view. Although breast cancer can be treated with a measure of success, when detected early enough. Those disease cells can also be reversed since the body is constantly looking to find balance. With the right atmosphere, the body can do the job that it is meant to do.

A few years age I had the opportunity to partner with the American Cancer Society as a chef. It came as a surprise when I was asked to cook in a certain way. My cooking demo was in a predominately Jewish community so I had to use Kosher Foods. As the date for the cooking demo came to fruition I had the opportunity to get an up and close look at the mission of the organization: American Cancer Society. 

The Enemy of Life Does Not Control You


Unfortunately, that cause didn’t change anything. Because since that time I have lost many friends young and older to breast cancer or another form of cancer. It’s a very sad reality. I am sure you know of at least 1 person that has the disease of the breast. Perhaps even a close family member. If you have, my condolences are with you. however, what I have found to be true in any disease especially breast cancer. When the whole person is addressed, involving their emotions and spiritual needs the quality of life is longer.

Often our body not only lacks vitamin deficiency but also trace minerals. However trace minerals are only needed in small amounts so don’t worry about not know how much to consume. Breast Cancer and all others thrives on toxicity in your body and the mineral selenium is a powerful antioxidant to support you. Besides the association with cancer, selenium deficiency can cause age spots, joint pain, muscle weakness (including heart muscle), poor hair and chronic infections. 

I know you’ve been craving time to nourish your body, mind and spirit

The Power of Food Therapy In Your Life

Guess what delicious foods you can get selenium which from?

  • Whole grains

  • poultry

  • seafood (especially lobster)

  • broccoli

  • cabbage

  • onion

  • tomatoes

Now that you know how selenium is such an asset in winning the war against breast cancer you can come out a winner. Your prize will be good health and youthful vitality well into your older years.

Build Your Automatic Support Team

If you have breast cancer or are at high risk here are few simple things that you can do to help yourself: eliminate meat, sugar and dairy products. Incorporate juicing to alkalize the body, disease thrives in an acidic body, consume 85% high-water-content, unrefined plant nutrition. Remove all toxins from your personal environment, avoid potentially harmful drugs, replace household as well as personal care items to natural products. When the whole person is address the quality of life is better.

After much research I came to the conclusion that Breast cancer is a largely PREVENTABLE disease, studies show that X-rays are carcinogenic. The more X-rays that you submit you body to, the greater dose, the greater your risk of cancer….Whatever you may be told, refuse routine mammograms to detect early breast cancer, especially if you are pre-menopausal. The X-rays may actually increase your chances of getting cancer…If you are pregnant that should be the least thing you undergo. There is a future risk of leukemia to your unborn child, or even birth defects, which is not worth it. Sadly, but just by being a breast cancer patient you put yourself at risk of developing cancer in the lung area which is close to the side of the cancer.

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