Secrets To Turning Your Walkway Into Your Runway Feeling Confident

feeling confident May 03, 2021

Do you ever wish you knew the secrets of how to be more confident?

Is it something that can be learned or is it instinctive?

In this article, you will learn the secret to turning your walkway into your runway. 

But according to Becky Blalock, author, and former Fortune 500 executive, anyone can learn to be more confident. And it’s a skill we can teach.

The average human has 65,000 thoughts every day, Blalock says, and 85 to 90 percent of them are negative secrets — things to worry about or fear. Isn’t it an interesting thought?

The secrets to confidence…

Secret to confidence of 'Lucy in Paris' ~ Ethel Mertz, Lucy Ricardo and Ricky

Confidence is directly related to mindset. You can be wearing a potato sack and feel fabulous or feel like you are wearing a potato sack.

You can wear anything and still feel the same way if you don’t change your thinking.

I know exactly how you feel because not that long ago my life was a total rush of stress.

Living off of sugar and caffeine coupled with anything that would give me a quick lift. For 18 years this was my life.

Eating on the go and experiencing migraines, body aches, and hormonal changes.

I gained weight through emotional eating, my hair began to fall out and my skin when haywire from digestive issues.

This was frustrating, embarrassing as well as shameful because I was an herbalist, ex-model, image consultant, health/wellness practitioner, well-being coach and culinary graduate.

But I refused to allow myself to be seen on camera the same way; I just couldn’t share myself in the same way.

It got to a point where I went out in public wearing sunglasses because I was too ashamed to be seen.

Spending my life in black I was so discouraged about my weight and how I looked. I stopped telling people what my profession was.

The turning point in my life…

Came when one day sitting in my car crying. In this moment I realized I really was not taking care of myself even though I knew how to. I pushed myself into the background.

Prioritizing external factors and caring for others, became high on my list.

Being almost 50, this was the moment to reclaim me.

So I began to implement everything I had studied and learned.

A few years later I connected to a high-end culinary school to understand food from a dining, wine and travel perspective. This training allowed me to be able to know the secrets to pre-look most menus.

I have access to creating menus using tools and techniques in order to create for you customize a menu for lifestyle changes or weight loss.

Through my journey…

  • I took better care of myself

  • Used proper menu planning

  • Made better nutritional choices

  • Reconnected with self on a deeper level

As a result of this, I lost the 10 pounds that I gained which gave me my confidence back. And I know how to maintain my size and keep the weight off. But it takes really listening to my body to get there. I want to share with you 12 things that uplift my spirit, calms my soul and makes me feel on top of the world.

Shhhh, here are my 12 secrets to help you feel more confident as you walk your runway 

  1. Upgrade 1 item. It can be a fabulous pair of heels, a leopard handbag or a feminine flirty skirt.

  2. How you perceive yourself is not how others see you. Listen for compliments and don’t reject them when they come.

  3. Step outside your comfort zone, wear a color that you may not normally wear and do it with confidence.

  4. Affirmations help you to ward off negative thinking and self-hate so that you can age well. Positive talk uplifts.

  5. Put yourself in the company of someone who will take you to a higher level of how you feel about yourself.

  6.  Wake up each day knowing it will be a great day and make the most of your experiences with empowerment!

  7. Surround yourself with chic things, decide to be happy, make yourself feel good, pick a theme song when you walk.

  8. Make your favorite cuisine and savor every morsel, being present with life and your environment.

  9. Happiness is fully available to you and within your reach when you learn to accept life’s difficulties and savor the good.

  10. You can’t always be happy, just live life to the fullest extent that you can, laughing every moment you get–life get’s serious sometimes.

  11. Forgive, let go and make peace with everyone that has ever wronged you. Grudges will age you before you are ready.

  12. Stop being afraid to invest in you, you can help whomever you chose but don’t forget to take look after yourself.

If you wish to learn more about methods of better age-defying, mindful living, and weight loss techniques how to lose 20-30 lbs to look and feel better; then I would like to partner with you on your wellness journey!

Working with my clients I utilize genetic DNA testing to empower them with targeted fitness and nutrition strategies for optimum results.

This tailored coaching package is offered to women in midlife who are holistically oriented and reaching a point in life that have tried the fad diets but are now ready to re-connect to the language of their body!

The secret is confidence. Are you ready to turn your walkway into your runway? 


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About the Author

Milan Perry, HHP, MH

I help women over 40 like you, who feel they have hit a plateau in achieving their wellness or ideal weight. You want to look and feel amazing in your skin, enjoy some decadent dessert without the guilt, and lose weight in a healthy, holistic way (without dieting!) so you stay at the top of your game. Are you ready? The types of clients work with already know that they are ready to lose weight. They know they need accountability in order to stay consistent. Which helps them lose the weight and keep it off, living a healthier lifestyle. 

Professionally trained as an herbalist, gourmet chef, wine consultant and menu planner. The “joie de vivre” is wine + anti-aging (not in that order). She coaches women that have tried the fad diets for quick weight loss without success.

Moving past that, you’re at a point in life where you feel more in touch with your need of well-being.

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