Biochemical Individuality and Womens Over 40 Health Imbalances

//Biochemical Individuality and Womens Over 40 Health Imbalances

Biochemical Individuality and Womens Over 40 Health Imbalances

Biochemical individuality means that we all have the same nutritional needs but not in the same quantity and right proportion. Our ability to digest, absorb and assimilate nutrients vary person to person. This may sound unusual because all of us need protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids (Omega 3) so that our body can function at it’s peak.

When I was a child I took childrens vitamins but being an adult it never felt right that my husband and I should take the same supplements. The reason is that our lifestyle is different, our stress level is different, I am allergic to certain things and he is not. So, I want to encourage you to think about your own body and lifestyle. To ensure that you are taking the right supplements for your body needs. Since we different culturally, background, and the these differences are manifest in the signals our body gives us when it is under stress.

Changing your supplements may be beneficial if you have mood swings, crave chocolate or hair is thinning. You may need to rethink your vitamin choices.

Doctors visits can be stressful if after after taking all sorts of test and they still come back negative or inconclusive but you know you’re not feeling like yourself. The problem I find with most women is that some of our signals have been taken for granted for a long time–not realizing that nutrition can be at fault. We begin to think that the problems are normal. When in fact they could be an underlying problem that haven’t been considered. Which is why it’s important to reflect on your food intake, environment and anything that is affecting your life. The human body is complicated and there is no 1 magic bullet. But having an open mind will get you a lot closer to what solving your issue.

To find out your biochemical individuality schedule your Free consultation for a 1 Day Lifestyle Intensive to bring your body back into balance. You deserve to feel fabulous!




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