Having a balanced nutrition plays a strong role in how your body responds to what goes in it. I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘oh yes, I eat foods from all the basic food groups”. If you do, then I applaud all of your efforts to eat in a healthy way because I know being a busy woman it’s not always easy. However, my question is about the balance found in your body. The balance of acidity and alkalinity of foods in their proper ratio in your body.

Your stomach needs a certain amount of acidic foods in order to have a balanced nutrition. You also need to be able to digest protein well, which can be very dense especially animal products.

Here are several factors that lead to an un-balanced diet:

  • poor assimilation or elimination

  • lack of hydrocloric acid in the stomach

  • lifestyle habits like smoking or drinking

  • pharmaceutical drugs or illness

Your body has to properly assimilate food in order to reap the benefits of nutrients that you consume. But if your foods are to acidic or to alkaline, then it may not be properly assimilated and you would not have a balanced nutrition. Over the years I have seen many women that consume over the counter medication such as antacid tablets. Yes, they are alkaline and they do neutralize acidic conditions but it only brings about temporary relief. Certain supplements can help to off set hormonal imbalances.

If you experience any of these symptoms:

  • headaches

  • fatigue

  • allergies

  • boils

Then it is time to look at the possible causes:

  1. allergies

  2. parasites

  3. high stress

  4. toxic environment

  5. sedentary lifestyle

  6. illness or a combination

When your body is not balanced then it sets the stage for disease to take root. After the age of 40 our body go through so many different cycles trying to find balance.

Sometimes we need a little help from outside sources to figure out how we can make the necessary changes. Do you remember what it feels like to feel great every day?

If you have ever felt off balance then schedule your Live Life to the Full Strategy Session to see how I can help you.


…Stay Beautiful and Healthy,

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