Airport arrival can be a stressful and hectic until you reach your destination. It may be easy to pick for you to purchase fast food or a wrapped sandwich in your view. As a healthy lifestyle expert I teach my clients the strategies they née can to make the best choices for them. I want you to feel as good as you look when you land.

USA Today says, “Most travelers spend the majority of their meal times in restaurants, sites of massive fat consumption and unconscious overeating.” Since being away from home usually knocks people off of normal daily schedules.”

There is nothing fun about gaining weight that you have worked so hard to lose before your vacation. So how can you enjoy your glass of wine, taste delicious cuisines and stay slim while traveling?

#1. Watch What You Eat

Airport fastfood from McDonald’s to PF Chang, are not the best choices. When you add the right types of foods into your busy lifestyle you won’t compromise your weight-loss goals. Make time to prepare your healthy airplane snacks the day before leaving home. Watch this video now to get tips on how to do so.

#2. Avoid the Temptation

The air is dry higher up in the cabin so it’s important to stay hydrated. I love a great glass of wine but the temptation to consume alcohol to relax is very strong. Especially after having standing in long airport lines. To stay true to your healthy weight loss goals…avoid alcohol at all cost.

#3. Is It Nerves Or an Upset Stomach?

As soon as you are in the airport terminal, fast food calls your name. Certain foods causes digestive imbalances and bloating within minutes and especially once you are high up. The last thing you want is to have a gurgling stomach and not from being nervous. It is so easy to get something to ease any stomach problems. Why do so if the most simple answer is to figure when did this problem start and what caused it.

#4. Choose Healthier Options

During an airport layover choose healthier options in a sit-down restaurant: Look for Italian or Mediterranean cuisines which are always a better choice.

Perhaps you say, “I want to be healthy but don’t know how or where to began.” With limited time time you don’t know what works for you.

What works for someone else may not work for you. Everyone is different and I respect my clients uniqueness–emotionally and physically. You don’t have to carry this frustration alone.

It’s not just about what you buy to eat in the airport but how your body responds so that you won’t jeopardize your travel experience, lifestyle and weight loss goals.

Fear stops so many deserving women from investing in themselves. I want to remove your fear to empowerment. ARE YOU READY?

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