AFFIRMATIONS can be a powerful tool to help you improve your mood, state of mind, and manifest transformative changes that you desire in your life.

For a long time, I felt that adopting or writing my own was too much ‘mushy sentimental woo-woo’ for me to engage with.

The idea of daily or weekly affirmations just came across as corny!

Recently thoughafter working with a Business Career and Lifestyle Coach myself; I gained a respectful appreciation of how powerful affirmations can be in my own personal and professional life.

Take note of your thoughts pattern on a daily basis

Affirmations work best when you can first identify the unwholesome (either conscious or subtle) belief that is opposing them.

For some women, this may not be easy and seeing a professional therapist can help to uncover what is buried deep in your sub-conscious.

But for most, it may just require some courageous self-analyzation.

Your desire to control and micro-manage your life is very deeply rooted in FEAR.

This comes from the feeling that you aren’t in control of your outcome or your journey. Not a healthy mindset you want to linger in.

If you aren’t careful it will sap your emotional energy and eventually take a physical toll on your health, diet, and weight!

Truth be told, excessive worry and stress about ‘uncontrollable matters’ can lead to episodes of depression.

In fact, studies show that women are twice as likely to report experiencing depression as men. Our peak age for episodes is between 40 and 59 years.

First steps to take when you’re feeling depressed

  1. Seek help from a trained professional in that area, “no man is an island” and some issues you aren’t trained to cope and deal with yourself.

  2. Do something you enjoy every morning. For ideas to get you started, read my post 12 daily habits of elegant women. 

  3. Surrendering to control to alleviate a great deal of stress and this changes negative energy into positive energy.

  4. It’s time to get out of your own way and allow things to happen, as opposed to trying to make them happen.

In reality, what this causes is accomplishing the opposite and actually could be making these fears become truth.

When grasping onto what you think should or should not happen, the outcome is causing anxiety and negative emotions.

These emotions could be holding you back from wonderful possibilities that may not happen to be on the path you think is best for you.

Your wellbeing depends on it

Affirmations to boost your confidence for the new year

Mindful living is a very effective method of using affirmations to boost mood because it helps you uncover your unconscious thought patterns.

Then you are able to categorize them, identify what is wholesome, negative and afflicted.

No one can change your thinking but you, it only takes a few seconds to go from negative to experiencing a positive thought.

Barry Boyce Editor-in-Chief of Mindful magazine comments that relaxation is distinctly not something-thing you can just command yourself to do. It needs to overcome you.

Mindfulness is not about change rather it’s about the power and ability to accept first what is then to transmute towards what is possible.

Try affirmations and see how your life can improve! They are a time-tested way to reprogram your mind and how you view life.


Today I believe in myself and my abilities.

Yes, I deserve good in my life in 2018 and beyond.

I make a vow to learn something new every day.

My process of positive change and transformation is forever ongoing.

I have abundant energy, vitality, and health!

First and foremost I love and approve of myself.

Best Intentions for me is being willing and ready to change and grow.

Loving myself means that I am healthy, fit and confident.

Letting go of resentment and anger helps me to forgive.

My goal is to be fully present in what I am doing right now.

In this moment, I will no longer judge or criticize myself.

I will release all resistance to success, prosperity, and abundance!

The benefits of adopting affirmations are many… So, what are YOU waiting for? 

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What are your takeaways from this blog-post?

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Mindset + Motivation + Action is one of the most critical steps to live a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.


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source: Reprint from Psychology Today