How do you feel? Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec 2015 – New Year 2016. Did you accomplish your overall wellness goals this year? It’s not to late. Did you lose those stubborn 20 pounds? Do you shy away from being in photos because you don’t feel confident like you used to?

That leaves me with 1 important question..

How do you feel? Take a minute and think deeply about how you feel in your skin.

Have you ever seen a full size woman in spandex pants? Did you observe how confident she was? As a business women it may not be the best outfit to wear unless you are going to your morning ritual of yoga. My point is that her confidence level stems from within. She doesn’t care what you or anyone else thinks about how she looks. Her thoughts are how great she feels about herself. If you try to take that away from her, not even a drunk sailor could tame her mouth..because she feels that she is all DIVA.

Here are 7 things to feel your most centered

  1. Can you “unplug” from technology for just half a day?…OR…try and go one whole day!

  2. Sharing some SMILES & LAUGHTER…which is the best holistic medicine for the soul!

  3. Pick one day during the week to experiment, rest, read a book, walk around and explore.

  4. Refresh yourself, grab a friend and go shopping at a ‘real’ store, write a letter on beautiful paper.


  6. Check out a few films on Netflix something you have been dying to see but missed it.

  7. There just comes a time when you need a feel good “luxury road trip for the soul”

What if you get out of your own way

Start taking imperfect action in your life every day KNOWING that you are MEANT to feel this good and are fully supported?

…even your car gets to spend a delightfully fun day at ‘JIFFY LUBE’, and then gets to go through the car wash and PLAY WITH ALL THE BUBBLES.

Give yourself 1 day to play hokey, just you and I to figure out what is causing you to feel like crap! Remove it and move forward. Let’s chat so you can create your ideal self before another year of excuses roll around. I have opened up my calendar for over 40 females that are high achievers in their business to see if this is the right fit.

To feel the way you desire, send me a comment and let’s see how I can help.