Better Sleep Habits for Mental Health 6 Ways to Unlock Your Zen

Are you looking for natural ways to manage your mental health? You are not alone.

Nearly half of all Americans deal with mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

But those same Americans may also be missing out on the single thing that can impact their mental health the most: better sleep habits.

In this article you will discover how you can improve your sleep habits if this has been an issue.

1. Reduce Home Stress to Improve Your Sleep

It’s common knowledge that daily stress can negatively impact your health, but did you know that if you are experiencing stress at home this can be sabotaging your sleep habits?

All of your problems may not be solved at one time but, you can reduce tension at home with a few simple adjustments, like these from HomeAdvisor.

I’m a firm believer in getting my beauty sleep which is a huge element of wellbeing. Because I know if I don’t have good sleep habits, my aging well goes all down hill.

So, here are a few simple ways to turn your bedroom into an ultimate relaxation space:

  • use a fan or air conditioner to keep your room cool when you sleep.

  • always use blackout drapes to keep it dark.

  • invest in good quality sound-absorbing materials to keep it quiet.

  • tame stress in your other rooms through decluttering

  • add relaxing touches to further enhance your shut-eye.

2. Choose a Bed that Supports Quality Sleep  

Choose a Bed that Supports Quality Sleep Habits

While you are making changes in your bedroom, you may want to assess your current bed. If your mattress is old or showing signs of wear, it could be time to replace it.

Having the right mattress can reduce any pain you feel in your body throughout the day. It’s important to keep your body cool at night, so as to prevent you from tossing and turning when you really need restful sleep.

I can’t stress this enough, but you need to protect your new investment, your sleep hygiene by keeping your mattress clean and free of allergens.

3. Add Relaxing Self-Care to Your Evenings

If you are having trouble improving your sleep habits, it may also be time to try some new nighttime rituals. Practicing self-care before your normal bedtime is the perfect way to prepare your entire body for sleep, especially when you are feeling extra stressed.

Indulge in a warm soak in the tub or a relaxing shower before you crawl between the sheets, or soften your mind with some calming guided meditations.

Try a few of these self-care routines until you find a practice that best benefits your sleep.

4. Reduce the Negative Effects of Nighttime Snacks

Having a healthy snack before bedtime is actually a good idea. Keeping your tummy satisfied with some calm-inducing munchies will prevent your sleep cycles from being disrupted by hunger pangs.

Just be sure to avoid any foods that will keep you up, like spicy snacks and fatty foods. Wine may seem to help you relax and fall asleep, but even the most temperate alcohol consumption typically leads to less restful cycles of sleep throughout the night.

Even younger sleepers can feel the disruptive effects of drinking, so avoid alcohol if you are struggling to fall asleep.

5. Avoid Other Habits that Make Sleep Quality Worse

Drinking alcohol can impair your sleep, but that is not the only habit that should be banished from your nighttime routine. If you really want to improve your overall sleep hygiene, you have to reduce your screen usage as well.

Habitual use of screens, whether it’s using your phone to check social media feeds or catching up on your favorite Netflix series, has been unequivocally linked to less beneficial sleep.

Taking electronics out of your bedroom and turning them off at night will make falling and staying asleep much easier.

6. Develop an Early Morning Workout Routine

Restlessness at night has also been linked to lack of activity during the day. Maintaining a regular exercise pattern produces essential physical and chemical processes that naturally aid your sleep quality.

If you are working out and still wrestling with improving your sleep habits, you may need to exercise earlier in the day.

One study found that adults who exercised in the early morning hours got more hours of sleep each night, and felt better rested and energized during the day.

Plus, getting that essential strength-training or cardio in as soon as you wake up makes it less likely that you will skip out on exercise and miss out on better sleep.

There’s no denying that better sleep leads to better mental health. Overhaul your routines to enhance your sleep habits, starting now.

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  1. HealthyForGenerations June 8, 2020 at 9:02 am - Reply

    Sleeping really affects our mental health.

  2. Jhoei October 18, 2019 at 7:38 pm - Reply

    I believe having a good night sleep is very important but it really is a challenge on how to develop a good sleeping habit in this busy and demanding world.

    • Milan October 21, 2019 at 6:54 pm - Reply

      I completely agree with you, it is a challenge! But one that can be met with persistence and discipline.

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