Our health care cost are almost 150% as much per capita as the next most expensive health care system in existence—Norway! We all need to accept and build a future where prevention becomes a dominant force. Waiting to get sick before going to the doctor makes no economic sense, let alone common sense! We need a proactive system based on ‘preventive care’ to make people more health-literate ~ Dr.Deepak Chopra MD Founder, The Chopra Foundation

I definitely feel that the above quote has never been more needed or relevant than right now in our society—at this moment!

As most of us who work in any type of ‘Wellness or Care’ industry is aware—huge profits and stock trade dividends are paid out to health insurance and pharmaceutical companies each quarter.

This vicious cycle of so called ‘patient care’ (insert Laugh), where we go round-and-round on the pharmaceutical wheel of fortune, is probably one of life’s biggest jokes; but the last laugh will be on you by not taking ownership of your own health and well-being.

Change Your Lifestyle Change You

This cycle won’t ever end until you start embracing “Transformative Health & Herbalism” as a standard of PREVENTATIVE CARE & WELLNESS.

Change Your Lifestyle Change You

Why are you living your life waiting around to become “a medical patient” in the first place? It’s like you’re look forward to getting sick—just so you can finally use your health insurance benefits or get to play with your brand new prescription drug plan!

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that allopathic medicine (physicians, hospitals, clinics) and life-saving drugs do have their place. If you are too far into a disease then those methods can be a true necessity— but what if that’s not the case?

Imagine Better Health a Better You?

What if you just want to boost your immune system or lose weight to stem the tide of the onset of diabetes as well as obesity?

What if you are simply trying to manage pain, or cancer treatment side effects, digestive issues, high blood pressure or cholesterol?

Or maybe you’re just simply trying to get a good night’s sleep! Then why are you chomping down the pharmaceuticals like “Skittles”?

Help is Never Far From Your Reach

Believe me—when a Nutritional Consultant, Natural Health Practitioner or Holistic Wellness expert or even a Culinary Chef (all of that being someone like me), tells you to “Eat the Rainbow”I’m not talking about Skittles or prescription PILLS!

I’m talking about having a balanced variety of nutrients in your food intake; adopting practical, holistic principles for weight control and food therapy as medicine.

Are You Ready to Take Action?

If any of these concerns apply to your life right now. I would like to invite you to get the clarity that you need to experience waking up feeling your best. A lack of knowledge as to what is really going on in your body can only cause your problems to persist, unnecessarily.

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