Vacation Coming Up And You Need to Lose Weight Fast

//Vacation Coming Up And You Need to Lose Weight Fast

Vacation Coming Up And You Need to Lose Weight Fast

Over the years my weight has went up and down. In my earlier years I was able to maintain it. After the age of 45 it wasn’t as easy anymore. So trying to maintain my weight where I feel my most comfortable, seems to be a never ending battle. It doesn’t matter if you are 20 lbs or 40 lbs over weight. If you don’t feel comfortable in your skin, then there is a problem!

Vacation Dieting is Down But many People Still Want to Lose 20lbs Before They Leave, says US Today.

Weight that you are not used to carrying around affects you on so many levels, not to mention the extra pressure it puts on your joints. There is no fast and healthy way to lose weight. If there was, I would definitely tell you the secret. When I was in my 20-30’s as a professional commercial print model, I tried different types of diet plans. The reason was so that I could stay a certain size, fit easily in my clothes and shop without having to try on items I wanted.

The diets that I remember growing up:

  • Jenny Craig

  • Weight Watchers

  • Grapefruit Diet

  • Cabbage Soup Diet

  • South Beach Diet

What I don’t particularly like about most diets is:

  • They are restrictive meaning that you have to eat certain foods.

  • Dieting robs the body of vital nutrients that you need to function.

  • Recipes are always according to someones elses taste and not yours.

  • The weight comes back and you return to your boring way of eating again.

Much of the way we eat is cultural, emotional and environmental.

So here are my 3 tips on how you can lose 10-20 lbs before your next vacation in a healthy way.

  1. Don’t skip meals, this makes your body go into famine mode

  2. Incorporate more healthy lightly cooked vegetables like fiber which keeps you full

  3. Dieting makes you binge — so avoid it!

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