After a long week of work, taking care of the family needs, shopping and cleaning.. the last thing you have is time for self. Being kind to yourself doesn’t have to take you to another side of the world or even another state. You can create your own haven into a spa sanctuary. With a few little items to always have in your private arsenal you can get started on your journey to rejuvenate, refresh and relax. You deserve it!

If you have the option to escape here is a list of  unique spas experiences you could try:

  • Day spa
  • Thermal Spa
  • Ayurveda
  • Medical Spa
  • Thalassotherapy
  • Hotel Spa
  • Luxury
  • Relaxation
  • Pamper

Did you realize that there are so many different types and each uses several modalities for healing?

With the spring season approaching and your work load increasing at work. Finding time for you to block out the world and just focus inward can seem like a challenge. You can do it and as a bonus this spa therapy will encourage a key filtering system in your body.

There are easy ways to treat your lymphatic systems and strengthen your immune system at the same time with a DIY home spa or our Lifestyle and Wellness Retreat coming this summer. You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment just a few key ingredients. Perhaps you already have these key items in your beauty cabinet. In the meantime you can…


Create your very own wellness spa at home

Sprinkle a few drops of lavender and rosemary essential oils onto the bristles of a long-handled body brush. Starting with the soles of your feet and working upwards, briskly brush your body using firm, circular movements towards your heart. To change things up, you can use the same products for your soak in the tub just 

Unwind and take care of since you deserve it

Put a few extra drops of each oil onto the shower floor and run the water as hot as you can stand it for 2 minutes. Turn off the hot water and stand under the cold water for a few seconds. It will close your skin’s pores, stimulate the circulation and smooth hair follicles, leaving skin glowing and hair shiny.

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….Stay Beautiful and Healthy,