You skin has a natural renewal process that can turn the clock back by 10 years. I dare you to boost for a more youthful look. Experience a product that is loaded with a bounty of botanicals of fruit extract; that strip away dead skin cells, excess oil, and the daily debris that clog your pores as well as age your face. Get ready to take it all off with a Exfoliating Peel! This is your skins spa boutique in a bottle. Take it all off to expose softer, smoother, healthier looking skin to a more youthful luminous shine!

Every 7 years your beautiful body brings forth a new person. Because at this time in your life every cell is being replaced by new ones. So, my beauty…you are in essence a new woman. So go on and take advantage of this cycle! Remember whatever you put on or in your body can help you or hinder you to age gracefully.

Your Skin the Largest Organ Needs You

No matter how much or how little you invest in your natural beauty ingredients. The results will always be a new you waiting to emerge. The results will be gorgeous and amazingly beneficial for your health. I know it is a challenge to be beautiful everyday but I want to encourage you to not hold back.

You deserve occasions like this of self-nurturing. Which is why I was so moved to create an delicious experience just in time for the new year 2015. The BALA body balance transformation that marries: weight loss, Mediterranean cuisine, customized botanical herbs and essential oils for your personal lifestyle. Learn my secrets or…

Get ready to take it all off with the Exfoliating Peel! 

  • Lessens the appearance of fine lines, pores and wrinkles

  • Leaves skin softer smoother with a more youthful glow

  • Rejuvenate skin with a burst of botanical and fruit extracts

  • Gently peel away excess oil, dead skin cells and pore clogging debris

  • Pair with Cleanser and Facial™ for the ultimate at-home spa experience

I am super excited to share my  home-spa experience with you. To get your exfoliating peel and start the renewal process CLICK HERE.

As you prepare your skin for this season, don’t forget that what you do on the inside can have the greatest impact on what it means to age beautifully. The mirror doesn’t lie and it is not photo-shopped. Feel Better, Look Better and Live Longer!

Learn tips and tricks to keep your hourglass figure without counting points, or calories. Get ready to improve on the beauty that you are. My BALA ~ Body Balance you will get delicious recipes dripped in your inbox throughout the week, for 90 days by a chef. I personally invite you to a Complementary Strategy Session to Live Life to the Full and Love the Skin you’re in. CLICK TO START NOW 


…Stay Beautiful and Healthy,

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