Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what happened to the size you felt the best wearing? I remember a time when “healthy living” was not a part of my thinking or vocabulary.

In fact, as a chic woman over 40, I was not “comfortable in my skin” at all, even though it didn’t appear that way from the outside.

As women, we know how to hide our true size, flaws and our insecurities, right?


Just recently, I was reflecting on a quote that I read some years ago. The quote said, “you can change without growing– but you can’t GROW WITHOUT CHANGING!”.

That was the quote that literally encouraged me to take the leap into having my own business.

When was the last leap you took for yourself?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt frustrated, angry and saddened that you can longer fit in your favorite clothes?

Did it ruin your mood?

I know exactly how you feel. My name is Milan Perry and not that long ago my life was a total rush of stress. To be honest, even though it’s hard to admit; I lived off sugar and caffeine and anything that would give me a quick lift. I spent 18 years eating like this, all of eating on the go and experiencing migraines, body aches, and hormonal changes. After I pasted the age of 40 the size I felt comfortable wearing slowly started to change with every experience that I had in life.

I gained weight through emotional eating, was no longer the size I felt my most comfortable, my hair began to fall out and my skin when haywire from digestive issues. This was frustrating, embarrassing as well as shameful because I was an herbalist, ex-model, image consultant, health/wellness practitioner, wellbeing coach and culinary graduate.

But I wouldn’t allow myself to be seen on camera the same way; I just couldn’t share myself in the same way. In public I was so embarrassed, it even got to the point where I used to go out in public wearing sunglasses because I was too ashamed to be seen. Spending my life in black I was so discouraged about my weight and how I looked. I stopped telling people what I did.

The turning point

Came when one day sitting in my car crying I realized I really hadn’t been taking care of myself even though I knew exactly how to. I somehow allowed myself to get pushed to the background. Prioritizing external factors and caring for others, became high on my list.

Being almost 50 I knew I needed to reclaim myself. So I began to implement everything I had studied and learned. A few years later I connected to a high-end culinary school to understand food from a dining, wine and travel perspective. This training allowed me to be able to know how to pre-look most menus.

I have access to creating menus using tools and techniques in order to create your customized menu for lifestyle changes or weight loss.

As a result of this

  1. Energy levels boosted

  2. I ditched all the black

  3. I lost 10 pounds in 90 days

  4. My digestive issues improved

  5. Made better nutritional choices

  6. Used proper menu planning

  7. Embraced colors in my wardrobe

  8. Made better nutritional choices again

  9. Got to the size I feel my most comfortable.

  10. Got reconnected to me on a deeper level.

  11. The weight came off feeling no longer ashamed

Then I felt confident to present myself again to the world as a healthy lifestyle coach. This was the catalyst that changed how I looked and felt. Blending my talents of being a herbalist, health & lifestyle practitioner, wellbeing coach, and culinary graduate.

If you want to transform from being unhealthy, stressed out, lose 10 lbs., or more. Then reach out and let’s chat. I have the solutions to a healthier lifestyle designed for you. A graceful aging process for your lifestyle only and the key to effortless weight loss so that you feel great in your body again and don’t go around wearing all black.

If you are almost 50 or have reached that threshold of ageism and life changes making you feel not as attractive as in the past.

Then I am inviting you to receive:

  • Health and lifestyle coaching support.

  • Proper menu planning in order to lose 10 lbs.

  • Learn how to make better nutritional choices in any setting.

  • Mentorship on how to care for yourself on a deeper level

We’re almost at the end of the year, if  you’re almost 50 or have crossed that threshold of life I’m inviting you to CLICK HERE-> ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’ Makeover call with me to customize a 2 day menu for you that requires minimal cooking but that will be perks on your figure. You can follow me on my Facebook social media page. Don’t worry darling, “Your walkway, can become your runway”.