Why Partner with Milan’s Services?

“I believe that the journey to wellness is as important as the destination”. Combining wellness + culinary will help you to nurture YOU on the highest level possible!  My ultimate goal is for you to take control of your own health management—in the MOST NATURAL WAY.” I work exclusively with U.S. and International clients that are READY to invest in themselves.  

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Wellness a la carte


Do you struggle to live a healthy lifestyle while traveling and maintain your ideal weight?

Exclusive Empowerment Retreat

  • Mindfulness for stress free living
  • Learn what foods you can eat on the go
  • Ways to slow down and nurture yourself
  • Getting mastery over your food cravings

Living a healthy lifestyle on a busy schedule should not be complicated. Personalized high class wellness created with your unique needs in mind.

Your body is unique to you on a cellular level so any transformation must honor that-> YOUR BODY BLUEPRINT.



Are you frustrated, tired of having to figure out what to eat or buy from a crowded grocery store?

With a Chef Cook Day you will never…

  • Have to figure out what to cook
  • Come home to an empty refrigerator
  • Have to buy unhealthy snacks again
  • Be forced to wait in long grocery store lines

As a high level professional who travels often, have limited time, sometimes you just need to add in services designed to help you live healthier.

The beauty of Personal chef services is that it frees up your calendar and makes your life easier without the stress. Wine pairings offered

How Often Should you Eat to Lose Weight?


Are you tired of coming away from the closet, knowing your size has changed, not for the better?

In 12 weeks you will discover how to…

  • Manage any chronic conditions
  • Improve Your Emotional Well-being
  • Incorporate a Fit & Healthy Lifestyle
  • Enjoy foods you love without feeling guilty

Starting with week 1 & 2 you will change your thinking that lead you to a overindulgent lifestyle of mindless eating.

Now it’s time to get clear on how to lose weight naturally for your unique life, no dieting or counting calories and 20 lbs lighter.

Have you been struggling with your weight for years? Trying one diet to the next. The bonus is you lose the weight. Sadly, you gain it back plus more. Now that you are over 45 and reaching mid-life, it seems that you are at a stand still. How frustrating this must be for you. Allow Milan of Sonaturelle to hold you accountable, empower you and challenge you. But above all support you with holistic mentorship that will guide you to become a better version of yourself.