Self Esteem levels can diminish during menopause as you gain weight

//Self Esteem levels can diminish during menopause as you gain weight

Self Esteem levels can diminish during menopause as you gain weight

Last week I had a very moving conversation with a woman who was also over 40. It’s noteworthy to mention the reason she sought me out. She said, “I want to look really good in my clothes. I desire to look really good and sexy for my man. But over the years I have had a decline in my self-esteem and it’s creeping into other areas of my life. Before I turned 35; I could always lose weight easily with no problems and even still cheat a little. But not anymore. What happened to me?” 

Self esteem tends to happen after the 40 years of age.

I don’t personally know any woman that loves wearing unflattering ‘frumpy clothes’. Do you? Most feel just like you do. They love the freedom that life offers and want to look their most appealing which means feeling vibrant, being healthy, and confident. This type of woman loves to travel and prefers to dine out. 

Whenever you see her she tries to exude an impeccable style even in larger or lose fitting clothes that she has carefully chosen to hide any unwanted weight gain. So yes; I still consider her to be a chic woman.

Because of low self-esteem her identity is being swallowed up and now one knows because on the outside she looks pulled together. No one else cares but it bothers her immensely. So is this how you feel?

Would you be bothered enough to want to do something about it?

Let’s turn the tide on how you feel to how you want to feel

*I’m going shopping to update my wardrobe!
*My jeans are fitting tighter because they shrunk in the wash.
*I can finally run around with my nieces, nephews or grand-kids!
*I feel the best that I have felt in many years!

Remember the last time you tried to lose the weight? How did it go? Trendy Diet Programs, B12 shots, Hcg shots, P90 workout, smoothie challenges or a 12 day cleanse? Something starts to happen. You get excited and stop doing what works. But you can’t go back to them because those things aren’t motivating you anymore, or you feel like you’ve tried and failed.

Eventually the weight came back, right? The reason was simply that it wasn’t sustainable! You need to understand how your lifestyle is impacting your weight. What is the 1 thing you can do to change how you feel now to how you want to feel?

What affect would your new style and confidence have on others? Are you stuck with living up to the standards of people that have put you in a box when the image that you picture of YOURSELF is better?

The biggest key to any healthy weight loss is mindset; the physical follows the mental. If what you have tried is no longer working then you need a new way.

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