Self Care Routine To Practice Daily Even On A Busy Schedule

//Self Care Routine To Practice Daily Even On A Busy Schedule

Self Care Routine To Practice Daily Even On A Busy Schedule

Developing a self care routine when your mornings are nothing but a big rush, can be difficult. However, with the right tools you can feel a sense of calm and ease going into your day and ending your day.

Set The Tone

  • Start your day with an intent.

  • In route to work, learn something new.

  • On your lunch break, start a habit of meditation.

  • Call a friend who makes you shed tears of laughter.

  • Before dinner turn off all electronics and eat slow.

  • After dinner let any anxiety go–release it!

What Does Self Care Mean?

It is your connection to living a chic lifestyle. Your exclusive right to nurture yourself, to be more feminine and elegant. If you spend your personal time and indulgences on a mani-pedi or on beautifying your hair and call it self care. Then you have missed the point. Because self care is starting your morning nurturing yourself on a deeper level.


The Benefits of Self Care

  1. Mind: deeper inner confidence, clear and relax state of mind, less stressed, reduced feelings of anxiety.

  2. Body: improvements in your personal style, heighten health care, better posture, how you walk.

  3. Spirit: zest for interest in life & hobbies, deeper more meaningful relationships.

Self care is connected to living a chic life in that it is an ongoing journey of self awareness in self development that occurs inside and out. It is a way for your to add mindfulness in your day. When you are mindful, you reduce stress, observe how your mind works through the day and are able to be more intune with the well-being of others.

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