When you allow yourself to “JUST BE” in the moment, you are able to listen to all around you. Even profound statements shared by others, which can help you to grow professionally. I had to share this secret because it sums up the core of human nature.

A personal entrepreneur friend of mine, completed a phone interview of a businessman in her area and she asked him, “What is the secret to your success?” He summed up success in this way, he said, “Most people HATE themselves into change. They loathe themselves and think the worst of themselves and from that location attempt to change for the better. But change and accomplishment doesn’t happen that way. You can only change and grow by LOVING yourself into it. When you realize your own worth, not your worse, you will pursue bigger and better dreams. Low self esteem stops people from their dreams every day.” I thought this was really insightful. Going to commit this one to memory. Maybe you can too?


…Stay Beautiful and Healthy,

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