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Milan offers Complimentary 30-minute Chic Women Don’t Diet consultations.
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Healthy Living Tiips for Your Aging Body

This is your personal invitation to receive: 

  • health and lifestyle coaching support.

  • proper menu planning in order to lose 20 lbs.

  • learn how to make better nutritional choices in any setting.

  • mentorship on how to care for yourself on a deeper level.

Today I challenge you to give yourself the gift of feeling fabulous and powerful. 

Then I challenge you to give yourself permission to feel better than you do now.

When you schedule an appointment as a client, we can talk by phone, chat from my virtual office, or we can meet in person at The Guesthouse Hotel in beautiful Chicago.

So regardless of where you live in the world we can work together. Don’t worry darling, “your walkway can become your runway”. 

Whole Life Transformation in 90 days

In this consultation we’ll discuss your #1 health issue and how we can work together to improve it.

I look forward to speaking with you (for Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy). 


…Stay Beautiful & Healthy, 

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