Reason Why You’re on a Weight Loss Plateau, How to Change It

//Reason Why You’re on a Weight Loss Plateau, How to Change It

Reason Why You’re on a Weight Loss Plateau, How to Change It

The reason you are not losing weight may not be as complicated as you think. Weight gain plays a huge role in how you may feel about yourself, right? So if I asked you, “are you comfortable in your skin”, what would you say? Look in the mirror and tell yourself the reason why not. Now let’s see how you can turn that negative answer into a positive one.

In doing research I discovered that statistically every January 1st, 41% of women around the world resolve to lose weight or get healthier. Here is the kicker…more than 1/2 made this same resolution for the last 5 years or more.

By January 30th, ninety-five percent of New Years resolutions are dropped and most women who had a desire for better health or weight loss quickly go back to their old comfortable habits. Why did they make this goal?

Do you have excuses for why your clothes don’t fit you like they use to?

  • I don’t cook very often

  • My work takes priority

  • I travel often for work

  • No healthy choices where I work

The best thing that you can do is to have a plan!

This means knowing why do I want to lose weight. Once you have your WHY, then you can plan how you’re going to reach your goal? As you think about food choices and your lifestyle, can you eat more fruit?

When was the last time you had sautéed vegetables of any kind? This is perhaps one of the most easiest cooking methods to chose because all it takes is a little extra Virgin Olive Oil, a hot pan, your cut vegetables, and salt/pepper. There are other tricks of the trade but for the novice home cook, this is the most simple way to start.

You are not removing your comfort foods at this time but adding healthy foods on the side at every meal. The reason is to get your body craving healthier choices.

Now that you know your big “WHY”, don’t leave it to chance. If you desire to eat healthier the best rule of thumb is good organization and a plan. Can you get up earlier before work and stop by the market? Can you get support to keep you accountable? Take your time, slow down, and enjoy the moment.

If you make a few changes daily then weekly, you’ll be well on your way to staying chic and healthier after 40.

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