Practice Self-Care Daily When Everything Else In Life Seems Crazy

//Practice Self-Care Daily When Everything Else In Life Seems Crazy

Practice Self-Care Daily When Everything Else In Life Seems Crazy

Oh, I  have 6 clients this morning. This presentation has to be finished this afternoon, then there is the speaking engagement to prepare for. What can I eat healthy on the go? I need to pick up some items from the market, start cooking, and walk the dog. Follow-up on my clients, do more marketing..My list is endless and if only I had time for myself!

Have you ever said this to yourself? Have you ever expressed that you just don’t have enough time, Unfortunately, it seems the 9-5 job no longer exist, it is the 7-7 that seems to dominate your life. You don’t need to escape your world just to practice self-care. All you may need to do is just carve out 5-15 minutes on a daily basis to practice self-love. If you can increase time for youself by all means do so, it will on only make you feel better. So how can you begin to put this practice into your lifestyle so that it becomes a habit?

Let’s look at 5 simple ways that you can begin to practice self-care spa techniques when everything is crazy.

1.) Pull your look together! Just because you are a mother doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy when you leave the house. A nice twisted bun is always chic even on a casual day unless your hair is short adding a little gel and you’re good to go. Mascara is quick, simple and so is lipstick. This will not only make you feel good from the inside out, but you have given yourself 5 minutes of self-care in the morning.

This will help to ease your mood for the rest of the day

2.) They say that music calms the savage beast. Well you are not a savage beast however, I’m sure that sometimes you feel like one, if you have to sit in traffic. While you are in between clients waiting in the car, put your CD of calming music on, close your eyes and visualize stress being removed from your body. Think about how it feels to have this moment for you. Give yourself the praise you deserve today and arrive at your appointment feeling rejuvenated.

3.) When was the last time you had a spa experience? Preparing dinner is a perfect way to create and begin to practice self-care via an at home spa experience. Set aside for yourself spinach greens with a 1/2 slice heirloom tomato under the broiler for a few seconds to give it a nice charred look. Sprinkle half a squeezed lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil with chopped shallots and garlic. Voila! A Spa salad for you with your favorite herbs sprinkled on top. Good-for-you food not only keeps your body healthy, it also gives you clear skin, glossy hair, and bright eyes.

4.) Every home should have a haven; somewhere you can “JUST BE” for the moment. Perhaps you can start your practice by creating your safe haven in your bedroom so it will bring back special memories for you. If you think about the spas, they have comfortable cushions and amazing photographs. Put up photographs of people you love, or objects you’ve collected at some point in your life. The brain has a way of reflecting on things that create stimulus so that we can always go back to a happy time. A feel-good mood is also part of self-care.

5.) The most important of all hydrate you. Sometimes we think our body is tired and can’t go another step. In this moment create your self-care with H20, yes water. But not just boring tap water, drink spa mineral water or bottled spring water with a slice of cucumber in it, or drop frozen fruit like raspberries in your glass.

Now you see how easy it is to incorporate self-care practices when everything is crazy. It is not that difficult when you focus and keep things simple.

Always remember that you are important and it is time that you realize how beautiful and strong you are. My BALA ~ Body Balance is designed to make you a priority. 

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