(BREAK THIS DOWN TO 1 VIDEO EACH) How can you improve your health even on a busy schedule without the stress? If you are a ‘busy professional woman over 40’ who finds herself often skipping meals during the day–then here’s the skinny: 8 simple steps to successfully ensure that you are getting enough nutrients in your body TO CONQUER YOUR DAY!

  1. Organization – I can’t over emphasis how this will help you in terms of better time management. When you don’t go to the market prepared with a list; there is a strong and uncontrollable tendency to put anything and EVERYTHING in your basket!

  2. Stick to your list – It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices on the shelves or when there is a ‘food demo’ display.  But sticking to your list gets you in and out of the market and home with the best healthy items you plan to use.

  3. Plan  – Take some time out on your calendar to “game plan” your eating regimen. Your diet can allow for spontaneity so you don’t get bored, but just having in mind what you need week to week on a busy schedule will go a long way for weight loss. Let’s face it; most things are a “constant” in our lives. Have a strategy. Think about what entrees you would like to eat just for 2 days and half your battle is won. You don’t have to be a chef to pull together a healthy entree.

  4. Go early – I highly recommend going early in the day to any market so as to avoid the crowded scene. When the  market is busy it is a complete turn off for most professional women whose time is limited. What you spend your time on early in the day can set the tone (positive or negative) for the rest of your day.

  5. Shop for  1 month – I know this sounds fanatical but get all of your staples out of the way early mornings before your work day start. This will help to improve your stress levels when the market is quiet and less people. Get your perishable items out of the way for the week. Pick colors of the rainbow in the produce section.

  6. Prepare your meals or lunches for 2-3 days in 1 day – Get it out of way, package it, so you can enjoy your healthy meals during the days of dining in or at the office and on the go. You will also have your fruit and veggies all at the ready. The incentive is coming back from a business trip with food in the house. Improving your health and wellness can be a breeze.

  7. Experiment – With a busy schedule it is really difficult to spend more than 40 percent of your time in a kitchen cooking for hours! When you decide to dine in, have fun with it!

  8. Improvise – Make it a small affair with a few friends sharing your favorite glass of a ‘New Zealand Babich’. The benefits will definitely be in your favor. You will improve your health by 50% and weight loss will come easier by dining in than out.

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