Life seems to be the new word of busy, doesn’t it? Often when we don’t want to do something or want to give an excuse for not being somewhere, our normal response in life is “I’m very busy”. We all have the same 1,440 minutes in a day, yet the most common complaint that I hear from my clients is that they are too busy.

New technology was invented to save us time (2 min email, 1 second text versus 10 min phone conversation), but instead of using our saved time to do less, we cram even more into our rescued moments making us unavailable in our life for anything. It’s hard to be the most beautiful that we want to be when our focus is on everything else but us.

When life takes over something has to go– usually it’s YOU!

The most important choice we can make in life, is what we make important. Spend time on things that make you feel good inside and out (instead of a making a to-do list with no end). It will not only benefit the way you look and feel about yourself, but how you interact with everyone else around you.

To live your best life; you need to be in good health, both mentally and physically. When you have a busy life, understanding what should take priority verses your own being can be a hard decision. However, it can be done. Usually, there are “extras” that weight in on our time that we can let go of.  I am always here to support you to create a beautiful life where you can juggle external things and not overlook your internal welfare.

Well-being and happiness are both holistic processes

The Greek word holos means “whole” and is based upon the idea that mind and body have a natural balance reached by paying attention to every area of your life. Which means that to look good, you also have to feel good. Improving your well-being feels great, but first YOU have to decide you’re worth looking after.

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Source: The busy woman’s home spa book