Kitchen Skills for The Health Conscious Cook

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Kitchen Skills for The Health Conscious Cook 2017-11-09T10:29:38+00:00

Virtual Cooking Workshop designed to teach you the basics of healthy cooking, fun fashion in the kitchen.


Episode 1: Pots and Pans Essentials; Cutting Skills

Episode 2: Cooking Vegetables & Whole Grains

Episode 3: Cooking with Protein & Fats

(learn to de-bone, filet, sauté, poach or sear)

Episode 4: Food Styling & Presentation Lesson

BONUS WEEK: Menu Planning 101

1 /60 min Session with Milan

 1-on-1 Personal Attention

Your Fashionable Take Away 

~ ​Two videos weekly teaching culinary techniques

~ Easy and quick recipes delivered to your mailbox

~ Unlimited email access to chef Milan

~ Guided Video Tutorial on the best way to organize your space

~ Cook like a professional chef

~ Discover what to look for at the grocery store

~ Feel more at ease cooking healthy

~ Good Food For Non-Vegans

~ Questions answered within 48 hours

~ Learn to execute your menu with a little finesse

*Space is Limited Personalized Attention*

Click To Learn About Your Chef Milan

Permission to Play with your Food 

Be Ready to Get Fashionable

A New Love Affair Will Begin

Recipes & Menu Customized For A Busy Lifestyle! 

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