Healing is a word that seems to be thrown around loosely in our society. Within the last decade everyone has seemed to jump on the bandwagon of health and healing, so to speak. When someone experiences true healing it doesn’t mean they will never be sick again.

I’m sure you know of women that claim to have never been sick before. Which doesn’t make sense for me because the absence of disease would be perfection. Therefore since we live in a polluted world and we breathing in toxins. Our body absorbs many of these toxins that bombard us everyday, so to say we have never been sick would not be possible. Our body is constantly rejuvenating itself and trying to find balance amidst the chaos that we endure on so many levels daily. Internal imbalance, external stress, enduring sleepless nights with pains as well as aches.

For years women have always turned to herbs to cope with distress in their body. Why should you be any different? When my grandmother was in home hospice that was the only thing that I used. Along with the right essential oils it made the world of difference in her quality of life. The testament is really my own in terms of what herbs can do for the body. It is not a miracle pill. I am tired of quick fixes! We have tried “quick” for to long, now it is time to turn the tables and really look to nature.

Herbs our living whole foods

True healing in the world of herbs is on a deeper level. Herbs are whole foods that the body knows how to use without causing any disturbance to the body. When herbs are used together they create a synergistic effect. If there is a weakness, your body knows how to use the herb for the most benefit to all the systems and organs. The best herbs that I would recommend for a woman’s body as you make your transition beyond 40:

  • Herbs used to cool hot night sweats is Ginseng so you feel better

  • Lemon Balm herbs helps to induce restful sleep & stop counting sheep

  • Dong quai used for toning and stimulating suppressed menstruation

  • Dandelion Greens create balance in the body during times of bloating

In reflection I am awe inspired

When I pause to reflect upon this idea I am awe inspired how wonderfully we are made. However, healing the person is beyond the scope of just cells…it is the individual as a whole.  Creating an avenue where people can see how to balance their body, calm their mind and rejuvenate the soul. All of these things work in harmony so that true healing can take place….MIND + BODY + SOUL always interconnected.

Before becoming a columnist for Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond, in which I was chosen as to be July 2014 cover girl. Later on an International Blogger for Life Change the Revolution. Then I had the wonderful opportunity to write as Co-editor in Herbalism for an online journal call AllThingsHealing. This blog post is a snippet that I wanted to share with you. It is my hopes that you are open to using herbs in your health/wellness.


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