Forty Days to More Energy & Vitality




This is Your First Class Ticket to Feeling Your Best! Imagine being able to slowly and patiently taper the weight off and make it easier to get regular exercise a life of true freedom….a life where you feel satiated – with the confidence to cheat on your diet occasionally–just a little. To be able to entertain and enjoy eating normal, so that you feel normal. 


  • As a business professional your days are filled with training staff, business meetings, sales meetings, planning and correspondence. This makes it tough to put yourself first and be prepared to eat healthy, right?

  • You’re motivated in all avenues of your work but can’t get your life to follow suit.

  • You try to eat healthy by bringing food from home but often forget and have to rely on Starbucks for a morning or mid-day pick me up. By lunch time you hit an all new level of crashing.

  • You work from home (85%) rising at 6 am – 10 pm but still forget to allow time to eat healthy.

Then you feel…

All is not lost; for there is always that stand by healthy salad, oatmeal or chicken sandwich from the fast food restaurant close by. What you eat, determines how you feel by the end of your work day. Grocery shopping, forget it! You are demotivated “emotionally” and you feel terrible physically, from poor choices born of necessity.

I understand what a frustrating place this can be!

First Private Chef virtual in your home

Maybe you desire a good support system to keep you motivated to eat healthy? Or you need motivational reminders that you are the priority even with so many things on your plate to juggle.

For the first 21 days during your “First Class Wellness 40 Days to Empowerment & Transformation” you will discover what foods are essential to give you the change that you are looking for to feel great everyday. You will face temptation because this is how long it takes to get rid of old habits and create new last ones. 


If you’re ready to…

  • Release fear and doubt about what to eat.

  • Get major clarity on what gives your body energy.

  • Have a workable menu to reach your health and lifestyle goals.

  • Have an arsenal of delicious, easy and healthy recipes ready to go.

  • Learn how to prep and cook interesting foods for your personal taste.

Let me introduce you to…

First Class Wellness For Spa Directors

First Class Wellness

MILAN’s COOKING & E-COURSE Virtual Chef. The first First Class Wellness 40 Days to Empowerment & Transformation is specifically designed and customized for business professionals and entrepreneurs just like you; a business person who’s ready to be the CEO of her life 1st and have more energy, and vitality.

Let me ask you something…

How would it feel to wake up first thing in the morning knowing you’ve got a plan in place to help you get where you desire to be?

  • No more confusion

  • No more feeling guilty

  • No more eating unhealthy snacks

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

You’re in the right place if…

  • You finally FEEL READY to do what it takes to get your mind and body in sync.

  • You are inundated with information about what you should be eating, but lack the energy to pull it all together to benefit you personally. 

  • You’re frustrated that the scale doesn’t move or always goes in the wrong direction!

  • You need accountability to keep you motivated and on track to reach your weight loss goals.

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Who Am I?  Concierge First Class Wellness

Hi, I am Milan Perry, your Chicago Connection Wellness Concierge, and I am here to tell you that if you’re not experiencing the desired results you imagined you would have at this point,

There may be several things you overlooked…

  1. healthy food choices on the go

  2. accountability when you need it 

  3. healthy, delicious food options

  4. easy prep recipes at your disposal 

  5. fabulous menu planned out

And I’m here to help.

With over 7 years of experience in promoting and adopting a healthy wellness lifestyle, I have helped various professionals have more energy, get better sleep, reduce pain and fatigue in their body, decrease digestive issues and lose or maintain a healthy weight cycle, as a result of food therapy, herbs and the mentorship of wellness. Please view the testimonials under my contact link. These positive comments speak for themselves.


First Class Wellness

Benefits to YOU…

  • Your private chef at your disposal to create your downloadable chef tailored recipes and menu plans, including cooked vegan (optional upon request), that you can take to the market without the hassle of figuring it out.

  • No more losing time eating foods that zap your energy. Learn to healthy during the week and stop drinking the same ole morning smoothie. Your taste buds need variety.

  • Empower yourself with daily rituals designed to adjust your mindset and transform how you feel. Get your morning off to a great start to lifestyle organization!

  • Weekly support to help you stay motivated to take action and prep for the week on Saturday or Sunday so you will be ready for the upcoming week.

How It Works…

  • YOUR WELCOME: In-depth welcome packet through our professional online wellness system (a virtual office). 2 one hour phone or 1 one hour Skype sessions per month. These sessions will lay the groundwork for our virtual weekly time together.

  • CLARIFYING YOUR ENERGY ZAPPERS: An in-depth exploration during week 1 to identify your energy zappers, food frustrations, dining out concerns and food choices on the go.

  • MINDFUL LIVING RESET : Research shows that mastering your mindset takes approximately 21 days to mentally change a habit.

  • UNLIMITED EMAIL SUPPORT: Emails with 48 hour turnaround “check in emails”.  

  • WEEKLY SHOPPING MADE EASY: Know what to eat and when to eat without the deprivation or starvation diets with personalized chef create menus! Promoting spa-style Mediterranean cuisine and healthy eating.

  • WEEKLY VIRTUAL TRAINING: Step by Step Menu planning and creation, easy fix gourmet downloadable recipes, organization and nutrition consciousness. Execute a healthy menu for 1 week without starving yourself or staying in the kitchen to long.

Get the level of accountability and guidance that you need to keep you motivated. Your life is business, clients and meetings but you know you need someone in your corner that you can connect with on your schedule. Bonus: Inter-appointment support.

It’s time for your own powerful transformation 

You CAN do this!


$997.00 Paid In Full

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In person shopping Excursion with Milan: Begin your day with an Exclusive Nutritional ShoppingPoulet_Epinards_Parmesan http://www.sonaturellewellness.com healthy eating for women over 40 Experience 1h:30min, while also enjoying a glass of your favorite wine! 

An exquisite Spa Mediterranean Cuisine Workshop designed to familiarize you in Wellness and Basic Culinary skills with your Private Chef Milan. Scheduled session for the day can generally go up to 3h:30 based upon your needs. Take your health to a new level! 

Your private chef weekend will focus only on YOU to bring your mind and body in sync. Held at  at Guesthouse Hotel beautiful boutique hotel in Chicago, where we can focus 100% on you. Exclusive private access to your own individual rooftop oasis with dynamic views of the exciting and eclectic neighborhoods, local  delicious and healthy cuisines, galleries, boutiques, shopping and the Chicago skyline. Relax, rejuvenate, live like a local!

Let me guide you with step-by-step easy tips and teach you how to cook healthy. This is FOR YOU….

Whole Life Transformation in 90 days Guesthouse Hotel Chicago

Your Life is About to Change

Commit to change by making you a priority again. Imagine a weekend just YOU to unwind no clients to pamper. Have your private chef take care of you then pick her brain on ‘how to tips”. Return back home rejuvenated and armed with tools to keep you consistent for your lifestyle.

No more grab and go without thought running to the vending machine, wondering what is not picked over in the break-room, picking up fast food or eating out because well you have to. I only work with clients that are COMMITTED to putting themselves first. ARE YOU READY? Let’s get started, on a new you!

Your Investment is only $997.00 

Sonaturelle First Class Spa Wellness Concierge

VIP Day: (1) Private Chef cooking demo, (2) tips and tricks, (3) Sip ‘N Shop excursion and (4) your choice Menu to boost your confidence in the kitchen. As your private chef, “I promise you will not feel deprived”. (Hands on session available by request: chef knife & mini starter kit, groceries, menu, as well as suggestions on plating). Schedule a complimentary strategy session to make sure the concierge package is the right fit for youStill hesitant about investing in your own health?