A moment in your day when all is quiet, you are still, and life is calm. This just never seems to never happen. It is not always easy for a woman to assume the role of being a wife day in and day out. Because, well… life changes. As I reflect back on my life, before my wedding when it was just me. Life was carefree. Then all of a sudden I had a whole new adult to feed, to encourage, motivate, to comfort and to nurture. If you have any children, that is even more of a juggling act.

So many times we as wives lose ourselves in the process of being “EVERY WOMAN”.

When this happens we throw away our secrets of anti-aging, out the window. From mothers of generations past that paved the way and passed on their secrets. Then our face, figure, and self-confidence quickly begin to suffer. Being a woman it is important for us to maintain our individual zest for life. Discover what made you so unique and different. What were the things that you enjoyed doing before life became complicated? Do you remember what it feels like to live in the moment? Can you find ways to rekindle your zest for life? This can be 5-15 minutes in duration of meditating, reflecting or JUST BE.

I had dear friend, that I call my sister. She complained to me of her zest being gone. She said, “I am so tired from juggling a new baby and a husband”. How can I take care of myself and be a QUEEN for him at the same time, I can’t give it, if I don’t feel it. As I listened to her plight I only had one question. Do you ever just LIVE in the MOMENT?

Here are 5 ways that will help you to do so:

  1. Sprinkle essential oils (Bergamot, Grapefruit, Eucalyptus or Geranium) on your shower floor to give you an instant spa experience and lift your spirits.

  2. Talk to a friend that is encouraging for you and who makes you laugh.

  3. Schedule 10 minutes in your day and just breath, slow, deep diaphragmatic breathing

  4. If your day was upsetting for you, meditate to slow your thoughts and calm your mind

  5. Have a spa ritual every evening while winding down: The avocado from lunch, massage it into your skin, leave it on for 10 minutes, rinse. Sensitive skin loves honey; it binds moisture to the skin.

Just allow yourself to honor all around you

Engulf all of your blessings for that moment. Today my plea goes out to all of my Sisters the world over; solidarity between women is so important. LISTEN! We are always living in the past and two steps ahead in the future but sometimes just being in the moment can change everything. JUST BE!

Woman in Nature

Before becoming an entrepreneur, my previous employment literally required that I be a “slave to time”. No, I am not talking about a time clock but the idea was embedded into the slogan, “The World on Time” FedEx. Rushing as a courier driver was my daily life, until I submitted my resignation. In that moment, I came to realize that no one puts any pressure on us but ourselves.

We have perceived expectations that things must be done a certain way. Sometimes, we need to better manage our time or ask for help. If the quantity of time is not on your side, then by all means quality is just as important. So no matter what setbacks you are experiencing, you can still find time along your journey by living in the moment and embracing the lessons that you have learned.

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Featured guest writer on Australian international site: Life Change the Revolution