Cravings Can Be Crazy, an Emotional Reliever Or Unwanted Weight Gain

//Cravings Can Be Crazy, an Emotional Reliever Or Unwanted Weight Gain

Cravings Can Be Crazy, an Emotional Reliever Or Unwanted Weight Gain

Cravings can be just that–crazy and weird. If it’s going to be crazy, it might as well be chic. Finishing up my studies in wine consulting, I came face to face with some of my old cravings. Which are quite an interesting combo actually.

Stilton blue cheese and port wine: Somehow, this combination works extremely well. Perhaps the fattiness of the fragrant cheese works well with the tannins of the port. Whatever the reason, this combination is delicious. I told you it would be crazy!

The Perfect Wine Pairing for Your Salty Cravings, A Chic Girls Dream.

Goldfish crackers and Riesling: Riesling is very light and full of acid, which works well with the saltiness of the crackers.

Doritos and pinot noir: It may not sound classy to sit down on the couch with a bag of Doritos and a bottle of pinot noir, but the salty crunch and corn taste go very well with this light red wine.

Sushi and sparkling rosé: The light and acidic flavor of the Rosé coupled with its fruity flavors cut through the fat of the sushi and accentuate the salty, smoky flavor.

Shiraz and chili: Chili is often packed with bold, dynamic flavors, so this bold, dynamic red wine is the perfect pair. If the chili contains meat, usually the meat is gamey, and the dark fruit flavors of the Shiraz complement gamey meats well.

I thought you may enjoy this. However, the problem I see with the many women that I have coached is they allow their cravings to become a lifestyle way of eating, Wine may be a good balance to any entree and as you noticed pairs well with Chili or Goldfish crackers. Even wine can add extra weight if you  are over indulging in it. Your liver can only breakdown 4 oz per hour of alcohol. More than that would increase your calories since wine is digested as sugar in your body.

There you have it, ‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’! ~ Milan

What’s your craving?

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