‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’

They Live A Healthy Lifestyle 


Are you a career driven woman over 40 who IS FRUSTRATED looking in the mirror. TIRED and complaining about your body knowing you should be taking better care of yourself but because of a hectic lifestyle, you don’t.  

Your one-of-a-kind experience that goes beyond weight loss, diet and exercise. Finally you can have the energy, vitality and confidence that you truly desire.

For You, If You’ve…

  • Consistently lose weight, then gain it back again a Yo-Yo dieter.

  • Struggled with your weight for years being chronically overweight.

  • Always tryed the latest fad diet as a middle age struggler, 40-65 years old.

  • Eat well + exercise, but now can’t lose the extra weight like you did before.

    “Motivation is what gets you started, but it’s habit which keeps you going”! 

Hi, I am Milan Perry, your Wellness, International Holistic Lifestyle Expert & Gourmet Chef (Chicago based). If you’re not experiencing the desired results you imagined you would have at this point, something has to change. As a 40+ career changer I’ve experienced being a slave to time and eating on the go. In living a life of high end dining before I knew it I had gained 10-20 lbs of weight that did not make me feel good in my skin. Before retiring from FedEx in 2006, I began to suffer from digestive problems, enduring debilitating migraines and major food cravings.

Later as part time caregiver to my grandmama, I succumbed into to being an emotional eater which added 10-20lbs of weight to my body. This did not make me feel good in my skin. At this moment my journey of taking care of myself on the highest level started. Because I realized I needed to take care of myself first and foremost whatever is going on in my life. When you give yourself permission to honor yourself amazing results will follow!

There may be several things you overlooked.

And I’m here to help.

With over 7 years of experience in promoting and adopting a healthy holistic lifestyle; I have helped various professional women over 40 who long for their 20 or 30 year old self where they could wear anything and look stylish or trendy. But unlike this woman–everything you wear looks like you have your mother’s clothes on? 

Here what my clients has to say-> CLICK FOR testimonials .

Client testimonial:“Thanks so much for having me a part of this program! I lost weight and felt so much better. Less bloated and less stomach issues. There are some challenges with my work-life balance that I do need to work on, so that is the next step to a healthier me. ~ C. Smith, (Naturally Yours Events) Chicago, IL”!

Benefits of this program…

  • Even with a busy lifestyle YOU CAN eat in a way to boost your metabolism.

  • FALL IN LOVE with YOU again and stop the love-hate relationship with your body.

  • DISCOVER HEALTHY STRATEGIES that won’t cause you to plateau in your weight loss.

  • REDISCOVER feeling chic after 40 by being able to wear clothes in the size you really want.

  • CONNECT with quick dine in healthy recipes, with a spa gourmet twist without the guilt.

Your Total Investment $6,000

I want to feel fabulous

Your Chic Experience

Look Chic In Your Clothes this Season


  • 1, 75 min pre-consultation to get clear on your challenges & goals.

  • 11 /45 min. weekly 1:1 tailored unique consultations for you.

  • Unlimited personalized email support between sessions.

  • 1 MP3 for Mindful Living  affirmations to stay motivated!

  • Healthy weekly menu for days when you prefer to dine in.

  • Webinar based virtual tutorials: “Healthy Eating on the Go”*.

  • Full weekly accountability that will empower you for success.

  • My #1 Secret Sauce to kick start your weight loss of 10-20 lbs.8 tips to improve your health on a busy schedule

    Let’s Dive Into Your Journey

    • Phase 1: (Weeks 1-2) Honoring Yourself; discover and unearth hidden triggers to unhealthy habits and emotional eating.

    • Phase 2: (Weeks 3-5) Nourish Your Body; embracing holistic nutritional aspect on the deepest level, MIND + BODY + SPIRIT.

    • Phase 3: (6-8) The Holistic Mindset; adopting and implementing healthy principles while getting sustainable results.

    • Phase 4: (9-10) Replenish & Renew; your DNA code is unique , your metabolism, food & fitness should be as well.

    • Phase 5 : (11-12) Moving Forward; Determine areas of achievement and areas of opportunity for transformative results.

    If you’re TIRED of coming away from the closet, frustrated and complaining about your body when trying on clothes that fit you one year ago but now your size has changed—but not for the better? It’s time to make changes!

“Good health doesn’t have to be time-consuming, nor difficult”.

Get the level of accountability and guidance that you need to keep you motivated. Your life is busy with work, conferences, clients, entertaining and meetings but imagine having someone in your corner that you can connect with on your schedule. No judgement!

Proven strategies to get you the look you desire so that you can wear the clothes you want. NO deprivation or dieting, NO shots or injections, NO counting calories or points.

Enjoy your good food, good wine. Using genetic testing for metabolism, food fitness learn how your genes impact WHAT and HOW you EAT.

What Can You Expect As Part of Your Lifestyle Change?

  • Getting your life in order will help you to get clear on your challenges.

  • Set your wellness goals and commit to your new healthy living lifestyle.

  • Discover how to stop emotional eating so you can lose weight naturally and keep it off.

  • Quiet the chatter by committing to self-care on a deeper level through mindfulness.

  • Loving yourself, learn how to cherish your most sophisticated home-your body.

  • In-depth guidance on supplemental support for your body (high potent supplements included for added benefits).

Your nutritional intake should be in the form of carbohydrates 40-60%, healthy fats 30% and 10-20% in lean protein. Once you understand how your body functions your next shopping trip may be a lot exciting. Especially when you are finally able to slide into your favorite outfit this season, without the usual ‘pull and struggle’.

But here’s the deal…


During your ‘Chic and Healthy Living After 40’ program; you will receive 2 /30 min In home VIRTUAL FITNESS sessions. Over 40 fabulous fitness coach Keisha Brown; to help you GET MOVING and RE-BOOST your metabolism (optional).


Now picture yourself…

More energy with improved health.

Able to wear your favorite clothes that fit better.

Shopping for updated chic pieces that fit the lifestyle you desire.

Less stressed, able to focus better, deeper sleep!

An Extra bonus includes

‘Chic Women Don’t Diet’ Lifestyle guidebook!

*After 12 weeks you’re invited to upgrade for a Weekend Getaway – MINI LUXURY EXPERIENCE (up to 2 participants). 

Your Gift to Yourself

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 {There is nothing to think about if you’re READY!}


Lets' chat, 30 min. FREE Consultation to see if this is a good fit!


…Stay Beautiful and Healthy,




*We offer in-person weekend services in Chicago & select cities internationally; virtual office sessions worldwide. Pay in full $6,000 or CLICK FOR -> Initial deposit $3,000.00 to secure pre-session up to two weeks before your 1st initial session then 2 payments of $1,500 before the end of your program. 

Prices subject to change. SEE TERMS AND CONDITIONS  I only work with a few clients at a time to give you the exclusive attention you desire. You can send me an email milan@sonaturellewellness.com or use this quick contact form.