20 04, 2017


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Torture is not a word that I often use loosely. But when it comes to decadent desserts, it is the only word that seems appropriate. As women it is so important to make sure that we are well nourished. However, in nourishing ourselves, it would be unloving to forget those connected to us, right? This is how I felt […]

  • What To Drink When Your Cravings Are Salty Foods?
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    Cravings Can Be Crazy, an Emotional Reliever Or Unwanted Weight Gain

10 04, 2017

Cravings Can Be Crazy, an Emotional Reliever Or Unwanted Weight Gain

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Cravings can be just that–crazy and weird. If it’s going to be crazy, it might as well be chic. Finishing up my studies in wine consulting, I came face to face with some of my old cravings. Which are quite an interesting combo actually.
Stilton blue cheese and port wine: Somehow, this combination works extremely well. Perhaps the fattiness of […]

6 04, 2017

Self Care Routine To Practice Daily Even On A Busy Schedule

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Developing a self care routine when your mornings are nothing but a big rush, can be difficult. However, with the right tools you can feel a sense of calm and ease going into your day and ending your day.
Set The Tone

Start your day with an intent.

In route to work, learn something new.

On your lunch break, start […]

29 03, 2017

Vacation Coming Up And You Need to Lose Weight Fast

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Vacation Dieting is Down But many People Still Want to Lose 20lbs Before a Vacation, says US Today.
Over the years my weight has went up and down. In my earlier years I was able to maintain it. After the age of 45 it wasn’t as easy anymore. So trying to maintain my weight where I feel my most comfortable, […]

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    Self Esteem levels can diminish during menopause as you gain weight

27 01, 2017

Self Esteem levels can diminish during menopause as you gain weight

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Last week I had a very moving conversation with a woman who was also over 40. It’s noteworthy to mention the reason she sought me out. She said, “I want to look really good in my clothes. I desire to look really good and sexy for my man. But over the years I have had a decline in my self-esteem […]

11 11, 2015


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Sleep deprivation is a complaint for many professional women over 40. All the stressful days and our constant dependency with technology.  These alone can create a difficult environment for getting a quality sleep. At this point, you may even feel the need to reach for your trusted bedside sleep aid to try and knock et your beauty rest to wake […]

16 08, 2015

Dandelion Is My New Love, Say Goodbye to Spinach Greens

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Dandelion and Spinach Greens is one of those super-foods that is a weight loss booster. I can’t get enough of.  Recently I have re-introduced my taste buds the a more bitter green in my local food market…Dandelion. What I have found is that with the right mix of ingredients even this can be a go-to staple in your fridge. […]