Belief About Your Body Is Sabotaging to your Weight Loss

//Belief About Your Body Is Sabotaging to your Weight Loss

Belief About Your Body Is Sabotaging to your Weight Loss

Your belief system could be sabotaging your weight-loss efforts. Your mindset about your body can stem from several factors: your loved ones, friends, the media or paying to much attention to other women in comparison to yourself.

How long have you been saying it’s time for a change? A change in your health, lifestyle or diet? Do you feel like you need a new body?

How long have your carried the unwanted weight around? Have you did anything different to change how you feel about yourself in the last 3 months? The last 6 months? Did it create the BIG change that you desire? Why not?

Are you content in wearing dark clothes because they make you look slimmer? Wishing you could wear those cute little dresses on vacation since you look and feel amazing in your skin?

Many women create change in their body by taking drastic measures for quick change. Not realizing your body will suffer later for quick actions that are not natural. 

“From 2007 until 2013 I suffered from debilitating migraines. Rushing, stress, fatigue, being busy was my way of life as a FedEx driver 35 hrs a week, volunteering to help people improve their lives in the inner city, and a wife. Having taken pharmaceuticals, enduring a epidural and a cat scan. I felt these things were necessary at the time, however a holistic approach was what I wanted long term. Then one day, I found the right balance of herbs and certain nutrient rich foods that fight pain; and haven’t had any episodes of blurred vision, piercing pain symptoms , nausea, vomiting or sensitivity to sound and light since that time”.  My belief was things would never change. After that experience, of…..

Quitting a job after 18 years. Taking four – months to heal my body and a trip to France was the beginning of my journey of finally feeling “worth it” enough to invest in self-care.

Sometimes we don’t realize how far we’ve come! 

I want you to experience this magic too — so I’ve chosen a very special video segment to show you how important your belief and mindset are crucial to any long term wellness transformation.

When you develop a positive belief system in connection with your body, not only do you see the outward manifestations but the inner person changes as well.

Inside I talk about:

  • when our admiration can become comparison

  • how a mindset shift is necessary in weight loss

  • one word you can use to shift your belief system

  • how we allow other peoples opinion to about us to validate how we feel abut ourselves

I really hope you feel totally inspired after watching this! If you have ever found getting the weight off was harder than putting the weight on then you may need to watch this video.

To lose weigh in a healthy way it starts with your thoughts. Schedule your Life Live to the Full Strategy Session by CLICKING HERE .


….Stay Beautiful and Healthy,

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