Age Gracefully Without the Use of Botox

//Age Gracefully Without the Use of Botox

Age Gracefully Without the Use of Botox

I know of so many people that claim to lead a healthy lifestyle. This is one of those  words that sometimes can be up to each individual’s interpretation. For example there are those people who feel that if you never get a cold that constitutes a healthy lifestyle. Or if you look good at a certain age you are healthy.

If you can go through life with its many changes and understand how to bring your body into an area of conscious awareness that is what puts you in line to age gracefully. Nobody is perfect right?

The Price to Be Beautiful

One of the fastest growing “lunchtime’ procedures is Botox. Over 6 million people (mostly women) went under the needle to have their faces injected with the neurotoxin Botulinum last year. Here is a breakdown of the increasing rates.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that the U.S. spend $11 billion last year on face lifts, Botox injections, and other cosmetic procedures. The price to pay to be beautiful. Are the risks worth the investment?

The looking glass of time

Here are several key factors that have assisted me on my journey to age gracefully.

No #1; Being Stress Free I am not speaking about stress that you can’t control but stress that you can control. If you can just carve out time for “YOU” and block out the world. Enjoy a great movie with a friend or alone. Reflect on past accomplishments not on your regrets.

No #2; Engage in Exercise that you really enjoy. Anything that will make you move. Walk or even do some vigorous house work with music of-course.

No # 3; Learning the art of laughter, we live in a serious world that can be scary at times. It is during this time that can we get so absorbed in what’s going around, that we forget  to include laughter on a daily basis. Yesterday, I was finishing up a blog post on the computer when my husband came home from work. Not realizing that my cute low cut jeans was exposing my derrière. The first thing he said when he walked into the room was “crack kills” we had the biggest laugh. In good humor I turned to him and said, “it certainly does”.

I am curious, as you look back upon time, do you find yourself pondering this question,“have I aged gracefully? Has my lifestyle improved that I will never consider botox? You can and you will!”


…Stay Beautiful and Healthy,



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