Labor day, food, family and friends can cause even the most conscious eater to overdo it. Your body is constantly working hard to digest foods. By constantly eating certain types of foods you can be contributing to inflammation in your body. Foods that are to dense to be broken down into usable forms. If the body can’t use it, then it gets stored. But all is not lost if you eat more than you planned to on labor day. You can still cleanse your body by giving it a boost for energy. Cleaning up your diet without fasting and remove any inflammation in the process.

A few weeks ago at Eden BodyWorks, “Celebrate My Beauty” event, I was enjoying great company with some of Chicago’s beautiful African American women with unchemicalized hair. After serving up my Green Beauty Beverage at “Celebrate my Beauty” event for the next 7 days the only thing I craved for breakfast was a green drink. Some amazing things started to happen in my body during the process. My digestion improved, bowels flourished, and my skin developed a fabulous glow. A natural skin hue that I didn’t expect.

At that moment I realized what had happened on a cellular level, I detoxed my body. The combination of fruits and vegetables that I used help to cleanse inflammation in my body. My immune system was kicked up a notch and I felt amazing! 


Green Drinks are an elixir that should be added to your diet daily. When you consume Green Smoothies made from green leafy vegetables and ripe or frozen vegetables, you are infusing your cells with pure nutrients. After labor day you will have the opportunity to reduce heavy work put on your digestive system. If you are like most people that don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. Guess what? One cup green drink alone equals 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables. Imagine that!

The fruit sugar counteracts the intense taste of the greens. You are taking into your body vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, more than you would on a typically day. Your body will show it’s gratitude. Greens Beverages create an alkaline environment in your body. Disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. The best kept secret for clearing any skin disorder or dryness are my Green Beauty Beverages. Today I am gifting you with…



YOU will experience…

> Increase in energy
> Slimmer waistline
> A sparkle in your eyes
> A glow to your skin

Labor Day is Coming up and if eating is your forte like most Chicagoans, then you need to give your body a few days FREE of the Labor of digesting heavy foods that does not serve you. And cleansing your body is the perfect way to do so. If you are a returning client, all of my cleanses are centered around seasonal foods. So you never get the same one twice. To Learn More CLICK

This is NOT a “fast” but a after Labor Day end of summer cleanse using real foods, designed to nurture your body: 4 days pre-cleanse, 7 days cleanse, 4 days re-introductory of foods. Not only will you renew your body and mind. But you will also be providing support to your liver and kidneys using herbal tonics.

You Pay Today $297


This cleanse WILL NOT be repeated again this year

Join me on Friday August 8, 2014 Post – Labor Day as I am opening my enrollment to you for an introductory special rate of $97.00 . The most amazing cleanse you don’t want to miss. It will NOT be repeated again until next year. Price increase to retail value August 26, COME JOIN US. Can’t wait to see you there!


…Stay Beautiful & Healthy,

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